New year, new session, new vision for reform, Sean Lynn – With Letter to Editor – kra

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This excellent commentary by my friend and super attorney Sean Lynn is right on point. But there is so much more which can be done.   He should move swiftly on expungements. Some 70 million adult Americans have a criminal record. I happen to specialize in applications for expungements and for pardons, here and in other states. In Delaware, if you have a felony record, before you can get an expungement you first must get a pardon, a long and...

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Updated 1/4/19 These are so effective that I remind you again. I am about to prepare a Press Release for the homeless shelter I work with, as they are in need of equipment and furnishings for their two new properties.  If your organization needs donations or help, tickle your calendar to send out a Press Release at least once every 5 or 6 months, to stay in the public’s eye! The BEST way to get the word out about issues is a Letter to the...

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China’s deadliest export to America: fentanyl – END THE WAR ON DRUGS! – kra

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How many more must die before we end our war on drugs? Obviously, 80 a day is not enough to get the attention of politicians, firmly in the grip of all of those who benefit from our current asinine policies – cops’ unions, prison guard unions, etc. etc.  (For every 1 person arrested, 29 benefit financially!)! Thanks to really dumb politicians, the answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind!...

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Smyrna Police Department adds mental health clinician to patrols – Great news! With Letter to the Editor – kra PUBLISHED 12/19/18

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While most “clinicians” are not well-trained, the mere presence of this person will heighten awareness of these serious problems and help officers how best to respond. i. e. Do NOT shoot first and ask questions later! Such policies will not only aid the public, but also will reduce the risk to police officers in some of their “strange encounters”! Of course, eliminating the “war on drugs”, the root cause of...

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Wrongful convictions: Tax relief deadline for exonerees looms

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And I say make the damages or restitution income tax-free in the first place! These people have been grievously harmed by our fucked up criminal justice system!  DUH … ok, ok, I spoke too soon; such money is now non taxable. But I will say “why didn’t the dumb asses do that originally?! I have a call in to John Eldan to discuss an idea I have for him. Excerpts from the Article: Exonerees can receive a special tax refund,...

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The DIY Girls How 12 teens invented a solar-powered tent for the homeless – Do it in YOUR City! kra

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You teachers, Scout or Youth Group leaders … get this show on the road in YOUR town! 🙂  Why is this here? Because when we reduce homelessness or aid the homeless we reduce crime. Most homeless, of course, are not criminals, but some, in their desperation, do commit crimes.     Excerpts from the Article: As Daniela Orozco picks off excess plastic bordering a 3D-printed box, she recalls how many homeless people she saw on her way...

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