Let Georgia Know that YOU know they are RACIST!

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The GOP moves in GA are an absurdly racist move, nothing more. INTENDED to prevent poor people and people of color from voting. Let them know you are not going to take it! When the politicians are so afraid of the people that they do not want them to vote, you know it is time to get their butts out of office! 🙂 CLICK HERE, ON EACH PICTURE, TO CALL AND EMAIL EVERY ONE OF THOSE DUMB-ASS GEORGIA LAWMAKERS:...

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The Most Dangerous Place in the World – Rape and Murder, Theft galore! – Warning – Essay – Ken Abraham UPDATED 12/17/21

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What is the most dangerous place in the world?  Brazil, rife with gangs?  Some pockets of America with crime everywhere, fueled by the failure of our “war on drugs”? Nope.  The most dangerous is not actually a place at all; it is the internet! The internet is full of people who are not who they claim to be, what they really look like, etc.   … PREDATORS AND PERVERTS. VERY DANGEROUS PEOPLE. The internet is ideal for such...

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Dover PD looks to put mental health clinicians in police cars

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A smart idea, which I have encouraged for years, and which I suggested to the Chief when I met with him. Time to make it happen! Excerpts from the Article: Thomas Johnson, chief of the Dover Police Department, has researched the programs and heard some of the success stories that towns like Smyrna and Georgetown have had with getting mental health clinicians to ride along with police officers. So, naturally, Chief Johnson is interested in...

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It is Vital to REMEMBER, and to ACT in future elections! tRump did not act alone; he had a slew of SILENT ACCOMPLICES! – kra With Letter to Editor or Op Ed Submission – kra

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It is pathetic that now, when it is clear that tRump has lost, and we will have a new president in 2 months, that so many still are so fearful and/or so stupid that they support tRump. OK, so impeachment failed, for all the wrong reasons. But this is the beginning of the fight to restore decency, honesty, integrity, and lawful conduct to our White House, and safety to our nation! …………….. 7/29/20 This just might take cake! Within 3 minutes tRump...

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Letter to Editor or Op Ed Submission – There is a Cure for Court Cancer- 10/13/20

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Letter to Editor or Op Ed Submission – There is a Cure for Court Cancer- 10/13/20  PUBLISHED in Delaware’s Largest paper, The Wilmington News Journal, on p A6, on 10/14/20 Republicans rushing to confirm someone who clearly is extremely right wing, in order to try to tilt the high Court in their favor, should not be allowed to hijack the U S Supreme Court. Contrary to some comments by pundits, there is nothing unconstitutional in...

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San Francisco Eliminates Fees on Jail Phone Calls

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Several years ago (7) I organized a statewide boycott of prison phones by inmates, to lower costs. It was successful; rates were reduced 3 months later. READ Families push for lower prison phone rates, more open visits – READ WHAT YOU CAN DO, AND DO IT! – kra  The ridiculously high fees are counter productive; the more people stay in touch with family, the better they do when they get out.       We are never again...

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