Audit: Massachusetts Department of Corrections Failed to Provide Timely Health Care or Reentry Services

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This is the ongoing saga of abysmal performance of prisons in America. Why should we improve them? Because 96% of all inmates will be released … to become your neighbors!  That this audit was even done is perhaps a sign of oh so slow progress. I have news for you. This prison just switched to Correct Care Solutions, LLC.  They are no better! Excerpts from the Article: An audit of the Massachusetts Department of Corrections (MDOC) released...

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U.S. Must Release Children From Family Detention Centers, Judge Rules The ruling applies to children held in the nation’s three family detention centers for more than 20 days. They must be let go by July 17, a federal judge ruled on Friday.

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How bad is the tRump administration? It doesn’t get worse than killing people, and so far their incompetence has killed more than 125,000 via the coronavirus, and hundreds of thousands more with their dismantling of the EPA, poisoning land, water, and air. But a close second is their cruelty to CHILDREN!  You saw the kids in cages. I have written and posted several articles about it. Here is the latest decision by a federal judge,...

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To save money, California will close its youth prison system – GREAT! – kra

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This article was sent to me by my dear friend, Charito, who teaches restorative justice internationally, and now heads the Delaware Civil Rights Coalition. Charito Calvachi-Mateyko, J.D./M.A.C.T. Coordinator, Delaware Civil Rights Coalition Cell 717-951-0905 I have written much about juvenile detention, and, bottom line: it is ineffective, counter productive, and often cruel! Excerpts from the Article: As the coronavirus...

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Prison broke rules 600 times, inquest finds – No Surprise to Me! – kra

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Standard for so many prisons! They ignore the law, they ignore their own rules, and inmates DIE!   NDIT                AND IT CONTINUES BECAUSE NOBODY IS PROSECUTED!   Excerpts from the Article: Andrew Jones died while being held in segregated conditions without essential medication or access to exercise, showers or phone calls as he awaited a hearing into an incident. He was not informed that his case had been delayed after earlier...

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Company Hawking Prison Phone Monitoring Technology as Way to Discover Coronavirus Infections – Stupid Idea – kra

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As the article points out, this is a stupid idea, invades inmates’ privacy, and does not accomplish its intended goal! Prison IS the worst place to get coronavirus because (1) the health care workers are lazy, incompetent, or worse, (2) they and prison staff have NO clue what they are doing, and (3) staff often ignore protocol and the law. Excerpts from the Article: A Los Angeles-based company has been selling to jails and prison systems...

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Judge defers action in lawsuit seeking safeguards for at-risk inmates during pandemic The lawsuit over the Maine Department of Corrections’ response to COVID-19 will continue to move forward.

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Prison is one of the worst places to be for any illness; the “health care” is abominable. If you have a friend or loved one who gets coronavirus in any prison in America, you should call my friend, Steve Hampton. If your inmate is not in Delaware, Steve can help you find a good lawyer wherever he/she is. Share this Post! “Mediation”?  Hell, prison officials will not honor any mediation agreement. It is hard enough to get...

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