Multiple Lawsuits Allege “Slave Labor” Under Guise of Drug Treatment – A Familiar Abuse, and OUTRAGEOUS! kra

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Ken’s Comments: Another outstanding article from our friends at PLN.  See my previous article on the chicken plant; here we see the abuses and the lawsuits are piling up. I shall inquire with the state judicial ethics Board in a few days, and file a complaint against that judge. YOU should do the same! Speak out and get these fools held accountable!  Write Letters to the Editor!   READ THESE IF YOU WANT TO TAKE A LITTLE TIME TO MAKE...

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Jail guards sentenced to 15 years to life for beating inmate to death – Good! This Judge Gets It!

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Ken’s Comments:   This judge “gets it”! Thank God we are starting to see some prosecutors act in an area where they are sorely needed: the “organized crime” rampant among prison officials. And if you don’t think it is organized crime, you just don’t know the FACTS! READ   Why only PROSECUTION and IMPRISONMENT Will Stop Prison Abuse and Police Abuse! Demand It!! How to Avoid the Deaths of More...

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Private Immigrant Prisons In California Now Subject To Public Records Act – Prison Abuse -kra

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Ken’s Comments:   This law should not be necessary, but it is, especially with private prisons, but with all prisons. See the many articles under Prison Abuse!    Read also What’s hidden behind the walls of America’s prisons – Prison Secrecy – I can TELL You -kra   Excerpts from the Article:   On January 1, private prisons that detain immigrants became subject to the California Public Records Act. The new...

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“I Won’t Back Down” – My Theme Song. kra

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I remember when our criminal justice system worked well. There was time to have proper trials. There were nearly zero wrongful convictions. Our prison population was about 338,000 (now over 2.1 million). That was 1973, the year I graduated from law school. That was before the “war on drugs” got ramped up. That was 45 years ago; that is how long it has taken us to create the dysfunctional justice system seen in America today. Nixon...

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38 NC jail inmates have died this year. Nearly half involved lack of supervision.

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Ken’s Comments:   Inmates are killed by prison stall every day in America, either by outright murder – usually by beating – or from medical neglect. If you don’t think so, subscribe to our newsletter or to Prison Legal News’ newsletter and learn what really goes on in our prisons. “In Long’s case and 17 others, state investigators found problems with inmate supervision”.  No shit, Sherlock! As I...

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Video captures inmate brutally attacking her for 43 seconds. Why didn’t anyone help? – “How much more damage needs be done to individuals and their families before change is made?”

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Kenneth Abraham’s Comments:   In cases where inmates attack inmates [and there are many], the civil rights lawsuit would stem from “failure to protect”.  This article focuses on inmate attacks on prison staff. Here are two facts no prison administrator will admit: (1) they say attacks are caused by understaffing. They are understaffed, and one big reason is that an astonishing number of new officers resign when they see...

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