Fired Cuyahoga County jail guard pleads guilty in inmate’s overdose death

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Lock him up!  With video evidence against them, why are so many of these officials allowed to plead to misdemeanors?! Nail them with felony charges. Excerpts from the Article: A former Cuyahoga County corrections officer pleaded guilty on Wednesday to charges that accuse him of failing to attend to an inmate who died of a drug overdose in 2018 and falsifying records after the inmate’s death. Martin Devring, 61, of Cleveland, pleaded guilty to...

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No Summary Judgment on Oregon Prisoner’s Retaliatory Termination Claim

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A good decision, meaning that this case can continue against prison officials for race discrimination.   I shall be looking for the final outcome. Excerpts from the Article: On June 5, 2020, an Oregon federal court denied prison officials’ summary judgment on a prisoner’s First Amendment retaliation claim. Oregon prisoner Leumal Fred Hentz was assigned to work in the bakery at Oregon State Correctional Institution (OSCI). On November 6, 2016,...

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TUES: Lawsuit Details Rodent Infestation At Prison

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Yummy! Mice for lunch! Excerpts from the Article: Two former inmates in New Mexico are suing state prison staff and a food-service contractor for cruelty and negligence after they failed to resolve a yearslong rat and mouse infestation at the kitchen in a women’s lockup. They cited health risks including mouse-borne Hantavirus. The federal-court lawsuit announced Tuesday from Albuquerque-area residents Susie Zapata and Monica Garcia...

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Rumors Abound About 4 Recent Heroin Overdose Deaths at Delaware D O C! -kra – UPDATED 2/5/21

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Hundreds of guards and inmates know perfectly well that “guards” smuggle in heroin, and much other contraband! Two relatives of inmates and one guard have told me about this, and my friend Steve Hampton, Esq. has heard similar reports. As Steve said in his email to me: “Perhaps you remember a few months ago DOC was touting the new scanning devices they had installed to allow them to scan visitors. They were quite expensive if...

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NJ officers suspended over alleged attack at women’s prison – Dozens of the Motherfruckers! – kra

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This week I got 29 articles about outrageous conduct by prison staff!  I can only put a couple of them in each eNewsletter.   🙂    But be assured that when you see abuse of inmates by staff it is the tip of the iceberg! My book will remind us that it should not take this degree of abuse to END PRISON ABUSE! Excerpts from the Article: Dozens of corrections officers at New Jersey’s only women’s prison have been placed on paid leave...

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Eleventh Circuit Reinstates Pay-To-Vote for Florida Felons Who Completed Sentences – Again! What Bullshit! – kra

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Dumb ass stupid decision. The right to vote should have nothing to do with criminal law. This is how the powers that be prevent those who know best how to fix our prisons … silenced and unable to effect needed changes.   Excerpts from the Article: In a 6-4 en banc ruling, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals held that Florida can bar ex-felons from voting until they pay all court fines, fees, and restitution — even if they are...

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