Parole Is Better Than Prison. But That Doesn’t Mean I’m Free. At age 17, I was sentenced to life without the possibility of parole. I got out due to Supreme Court decisions, but there was one catch: Parole for the rest of my life.

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You see, for every 1 person arrested in America, 29 people benefit financially!  Think about it – cops, support staff, prison guards, the zillions of “contractors” who work in prisons, parole officers, their support staff, … and the list goes on. So all these groups’ unions and many more spend millions every year blocking needed reforms and lobbying for laws to keep people in the system and violate them for things...

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Jail sued for giving inmates ivermectin: ‘They used us as an experiment’

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I wish I had $1 for each valid instance of prison abuse  – by DOC staff or medial staff – filed in America just last year –  … I’d be a millionaire. Excerpts from the Article: A group of men detained at Washington County Detention Center in Arkansas say that the jail’s medical staff gave them the anti-parasite drug ivermectin last year, without their consent, to treat COVID-19, while telling them the pills were...

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Centurion VP makes ‘damning admission’ on last day of Arizona prison health care trial

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This joins scores of articles I have concerning abominable prison health care. Excerpts from the Article: Prisoners, wardens, psychologists, correctional experts and medical specialists testified over the course of four weeks in the Jensen v. Shinn prison health care trial in Arizona.They described their personal experiences and observations in Arizona prisons in a legal challenge in which prisoners allege the state is providing...

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US prisons director resigning after crises-filled tenure

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We should have known that a tRump appointee was not the answer; that buffoon was clueless in everything he did! Excerpts from the Article: The director of the federal Bureau of Prisons is resigning amid increasing scrutiny over his leadership in the wake of Associated Press reporting that uncovered widespread problems at the agency, including a recent story detailing serious misconduct involving correctional officers. Michael Carvajal, a Trump...

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Study: Black People 65% More Likely to Die From Prison Time Than Whites

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I have scores or articles about racism in the courts, but this was a real eye-opener! Excerpts from the Article: New research has found that Black Americans who have spent time in jail or prison are 65 percent more likely to die prematurely, even if it’s been years since their incarceration, while having no meaningful impact on the long-term health of white former inmates, reports Health Day. The findings, published by the JAMA (Journal of the...

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More abuses at Delaware D O C! 1/3/ 2022

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I just got this email from my friend and great lawyer, Steve Hampton, who hears from inmates, their friends and families, every week.  Sounds par for the course at Delaware D O C: I understand they have another fairly large outbreak of Covid at Vaughn. All visiting has ceased. I still believe that it is the staff introducing the virus on a regular basis. They are still not mandated to get their shots, and “most say they will quit before...

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