Lockdowns Follow “Coordinated” Gang Fights at Oklahoma Prisons

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More out of control prison abuse, which costs YOU taxpayers BILLIONS of dollars each year. All of it is PREVENTABLE! There will be dozens of lawsuits as a result of this and YOU also pay for those.     Excerpts from the Article. After what officials are calling coordinated fights, six Oklahoma prisons were placed on lockdown status for over a week. One prisoner died and 36 prisoners and several staff were injured in the melees. The...

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Probation and Parole ‘Feed Mass Incarceration’: Report – No kidding! – kra

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READ Letter to Editor or Editorial Submission – What a Monster we Have Created! Probation and Parole 2/19/19 PUBLISHED, which I wrote 18 months ago.   Excerpts from the Article: Probation and parole are often advertised as “alternatives to incarceration” that allow people to largely continue on with their life around a support group. However, a new report released late last week from the Human Rights Watch and the American Civil Liberties...

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Prison Guard gets Prison Time of a Year and a Day

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Prison time is the only way to curb guards’ corruption. And at least 90% of all prison contraband is brought in by guards! Excerpts from the Article: A Cross County man who worked as a prison guard will spend 12 months and a day in federal prison after he smuggled tobacco and cell phones into the federal prison at Forrest City, federal prosecutors said Thursday. Josue Duane Garza, 42, of Wynne was sentenced in federal court in Little Rock...

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Woman Settles For $8.5 Million in Pasadena Attempted Jail Suicide – OUTRAGEOUS – kra

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Another among thousands of articles about outrageous prison abuse.  This abuse is costing YOU billions of dollars annually in judgments and settlements, needlessly. Every – yes, EVERY – prison abuse case is preventable, in many cases by D O C staff simply doing their jobs! What happened here, to leave this 32 year old woman a vegetable? Take your pick: a) a guard felt like taking a nap on the job, b) several guards decided to play...

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11th Circuit Rules Florida Prisoner Claiming Sexual Assault by Guard Can Proceed With Cruel and Unusual Punishment Claim

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Another horrifying tale of sex abuse in our prisons. Here, the trial court erred in that it – the judge – decided questions of fact in its ruling which granted summary judgment to the defendants.  This is a basic no no, (I have seen it before) and I can only wonder how such idiots became judges. The appeals court reversed that decision, so the case is still alive. Note that it has been six years for the case to get this far!...

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Man Sentenced to One Year For Shoplifting Dies In Prison During Pandemic

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This is the very real, personal tragic toll of two nationwide problems: 1. the dysfunction of our prisons, which had gone on for decades, and 2. the failure of tRump to control the pandemic. In this case we can see that: 1. judge is an idiot, and 2. the prosecutor has NO idea what really goes on with prison “health care”! tRump on Coronavirus He blunders and boasts and does very little good, Hardly behaving as an American president...

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