Norman Seabrook found guilty of bribery- No surprise! kra

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From what I have seen, I bet that at least half of he clowns in similar positions around the country – the head of the jail-officers union in Delaware is a doozy! – could also be convicted. It will be interesting to see what his sentence will be. Excerpts from the Article:   Former city jail-officers union boss Norman Seabrook was found guilty Wednesday of bribery — less than a year after his first trial ended in a hung...

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Sheriff Gusman sues New York Times over prison rape video

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I sure would not bet that this Sheriff is going to win!  If people only realized that they are each paying hundreds of dollars every year to pay for all of the senseless abuse and the litigation, because the perpetrators so seldom are held accountable! Excerpts from the Article: Sheriff Marlin Gusman is suing The New York Times, claiming a video it published about a man who said he had been raped at a Louisiana jail incorrectly suggests the...

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$625,000 settlement approved in wrongful death suit involving Hampton Roads Regional Jail inmate

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Good Lord, how many of these must I have read? 100? 200? More, I am sure. Nightmare true accounts of needless inmate deaths due to medical neglect. In the “real world”, getting treatment for a stomach ulcer would have been a simple routine. In our criminal justice system, landing in prison being accused of stealing a $5 candy bar will be a death sentence if you get a stomach ulcer! And who PAID  for the litigation and the...

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Houston Judges Move to Halt Bail Reform – Really?! – kra

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While there might be a temporary spike as these judges say (no evidence!), all studies show that what they say is not true. Suspecting that this handful of judges “going the wrong way” might be elected, I checked. Judges in Texas are elected, and these idiot judges are saying this shit just to sound “tough on crime”!! Wanna bet? There are powerful forces everywhere hindering meaningful, wise, reforms! So, unlike others...

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At Tennessee’s largest prison, diabetic inmates say they are denied insulin to ‘maximize profits’

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Of course they are. You really don’t even want to get me started again on the state of  “health care” in America’s prisons. I have seen too many DIE – and spoken with too many of their Moms – from extreme neglect of a serious medical condition.  Here is one of their favorite little tricks: even when providing medication as required, they ALWAYS will periodically send you a note saying that the medication has...

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Class Certified in Case Against Phone Provider for NJ Jails and Prisons – Good! – kra

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That’s one step in the right direction. Read CAPTIVE AUDIENCE: HOW COMPANIES MAKE MILLIONS CHARGING PRISONERS TO SEND AN EMAIL For companies like JPay, the business model is simple: Whatever it costs to send a message, prisoners and their families will find a way to pay it. What about the 49 other states?! Some have similar cases pending, but all SHOULD!   CAPTIVE AUDIENCE: HOW COMPANIES MAKE MILLIONS CHARGING PRISONERS TO SEND AN...

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