Lawsuit Against Private Prison Firm Over Prisoner’s Death at Texarkana Jail

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All of these avoidable lawsuits cost you, the taxpayer, tons of money! Health care in America’s prisons is a joke, and especially with private prisons, an often fatal, tragic joke. I have seen HUNDREDS of articles like this one! When will it end?  When YOU speak out about it. READ Practical Tip: How YOU can become a “prison reform advocate” – or any ADVOCATE! Here is how! EASY as 1, 2 ,3 ! DO IT!! Excerpts from the...

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SIX TRUTHS – by kra

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Six Truths: There is no “law enforcement” official, police or prison guard, who is above the law. ALL must be held accountable for their conduct. 2. There is no official so virtuous that he or she should not be criticized when they have their heads firmly in the sand regarding serious problematic crimes – police abuse and prison abuse, any official misconduct! 3. There is no politician so powerful that you cannot call him or her on it when they...

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Pennsylvania prisons’ unreliable COVID data hides the true extent of the crisis | Editorial

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We can be sure that this problem is in prisons nationwide! The “health care” in prisons is abominable, and they – prison officials – lie like hell to hide that fact. Excerpts from the Article: Pennsylvania’s Department of Corrections is apparently doing such an effective job in its coronavirus response that it’s bringing people felled by the disease back to life. On Dec. 21, DOC’s COVID-19 Dashboard showed that the...

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Wrongful death lawsuit filed in 2018 death of woman in JSO custody According to the complaint, 28-year-old Lina Odom died because she did not get proper medical care.

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Another example of  the abominable “health care” prisons provide.  I have read hundreds, yes hundreds, like this one! Excerpts from the Article: The death of a woman at the Duval County Jail in April 2018 is now the subject of a wrongful death lawsuit, which was filed Friday against the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and ARMOR Correctional Health Services. According to the complaint, 28-year-old Lina Odom died because she did...

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Practical Tip – There Are Support Groups for Parents Who Have Lost Kids to Overdose, Shootings, Suicide … and for Others With Such Losses – kra

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Did you know that there are a vast number of support groups for victims of our dysfunctional justice system and of our crazy world? SOME ARE LOCAL, SOME ARE WORLDWIDE; SOME ARE PUBLIC, SOME ARE PRIVATE. Just google whatever you may need. i.e. “support groups for Moms of those killed by drug overdose” or “support groups and similar organizations for children of those killed by gunfire”.  Or “support groups for the...

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Washington Supreme Court Announces Prohibition Against Blanket Shackling Policies at Pretrial Proceedings

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I was not familiar with every state’s policy on this, but my research shows that Washington was the only one with this clearly prejudicial, unconstitutional policy. The ruling here is the only fair one possible.   The Supreme Court of Washington issued a ruling that both clarified the standards governing the use of shackles during all court appearances and criticized the adoption of blanket policies for shackling without an...

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