40% of Wrongful Convictions Involve Police Investigative Misconduct Targeting Black Male Defendants. Police Chiefs Urged to Drop ‘Victim-Centered’ Program

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My friend, Ed Bartlett, who runs the Center for Prosecutor Integrity (CPI) in D C, sent me this article. WASHINGTON / February 19, 2021 – A review of recent wrongful convictions reveals 40.3% involved investigative misconduct by police officers that was directed against Black male defendants. The analysis is based on publicly available data compiled by the National Registry of Exonerations for the years 2018 to 2020 (1). Following are the...

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A Once Honorable Profession

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You know this got my attention, with all the bitching I hear (and do!)  about awful lawyers!   🙂  READ Practical Tip – Where to Report Bad Lawyers – DO IT – They Don’t Just “Screw up the case” – They Ruin Lives Every Day!  I continue to call for state Bar Associations to disbar all lawyers (including those in politics – can you say: Lindsey Graham?!) who blatantly LIE to courts or to Congress or...

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Opinion: The police must see Black girls as the children they are

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How many of us, when kids, did things that may get us arrested today?!  My hand is raised! It is astonishing that cops need to be trained that kids are kids! Excerpts from the Article: Last week, police officers in Rochester, N.Y., responded to a call of “family trouble.” The source of the trouble was a Black girl, who had said she wanted to kill herself and her mother. The officers on the scene handcuffed the girl and put her in a squad car....

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Honor Anton Black: Stop hiding police misconduct records | Opinion

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I have posted articles like this b4, but this problem is serious, and the situation continues.  Bad cops routinely manage to hide prior complaints.  All police agencies should keep and make public a record of all complaints against an officer, and the status of what was done about it. i.e. “investigated and dismissed as without merit”, or “investigated and officer was terminated”, etc. Even when fired for misconduct...

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The Most Dangerous Place in the World – Rape and Murder – Warning – Essay – Ken Abraham

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What is the most dangerous place in the world?  Brazil, rife with gangs?  Some pockets of America with crime everywhere, fueled by the failure of our “war on drugs”? Nope.  The most dangerous is not actually a place at all; it is the internet! The internet is full of people who are not who they claim to be, what they really look like, etc.   … PREDATORS AND PERVERTS. VERY DANGEROUS PEOPLE. The internet is ideal for such...

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Top Michigan State Police officials using encryption messaging apps that can evade FOIA

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I see innumerable problems with this bad idea! Excerpts from the Article: Top officials at the Michigan State Police have been using text messaging encryption devices that can put their internal communications out of the reach of the Freedom of Information Act and legal discovery, according to admissions the MSP made in a civil lawsuit. Among those who have downloaded the “end-to-end” encryption applications onto their state-issued...

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