Justice for Laquan!’ Demonstrators Chant, as Chicago Officer Is Convicted of Murder

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This was the right result. Thank goodness the jury did the right thing in this instance. We all have seen the video of this shooting, and it was homicide by a police officer, plain and simple. However, as plain and simple as some of these cases may be, we have seen too many officers avoid liability. They must be prosecuted, held accountable, for one very simple reason, so central to our justice system: NOBODY (are you listening, Doofus...

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ICE Utilizes Military-Style Shock Tactics to Round up Immigrants – kra: ICE is Incredibly Cruel Endeavors

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We must never forget the calculated, deliberate,  incredibly cruel policies of the tRump administration, using ICE as its weapon. All this bullshit about “gang members” and “the worst of the worst”… Hell, they are incarcerating FAMILIES, whose only transgression was to enter the U S, in horrid private prisons called “detention centers”, and then deporting them. Make no mistake: the hatred is driven by...

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Insurance, Courts Protect Cops from Liability

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The same problem exists concerning prison abuse: when an inmate wins an award (an all too rare occurrence, because they are fighting teams of skilled lawyers representing the abusing prison staff), the state almost always pays the money, so the abusive guard go on their merry way, and continue their abuse! This is why: How to avoid the deaths of prison guards and inmates … or do you want to join the countless officials who refuse to acknowledge...

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There’s overwhelming evidence that the criminal-justice system is racist. Here’s the proof. – Radley Balko Strikes Again! – kra

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There already are excellent, thorough studies which show this, but this is more confirmation. Time and space constraints allow for only a few of the highlights here, but if this is of interest to you open the article and check it out! Radley Balko does great work. Excerpts from the Article: A couple of years ago, Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) gave a powerful speech on the floor of the U.S. Senate. Scott talked about how he had been repeatedly pulled...

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IT IS CHILD ABUSE, NOT IMMIGRATION POLICY: by the Greater Bay Area [CA] Child Abuse Prevention Council Coalition

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That’s right, let us call it what it is. It is an abuse of the criminal justice system, a deliberately cruel policy, and we should not let it fade from memory. The child victims will remember the trauma forever!   Excerpts from the Article:   The systemic separation of children from their families is government sanctioned child abuse. As we first learned about the immigration policy being enacted on our southern border, we were...

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Practical Tip – How to Succeed – kra

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I have been fortunate to have been quite successful in all of my chosen professions… law, teaching, business broker, entrepreneur, and mentor to many.  Learned a lot, made some mistakes … such is life. I list here some suggestions which are not merely “feel good” slogans or platitudes, but which actually can help most people succeed … if they keep them in mind. Know what you are doing. Sounds obvious, but too many...

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