Baltimore’s mayor wants civilians on police trial boards – Needed! kra

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Ken’s Comments:   Given the history of police cover-ups and their unwillingness, too often, to discipline their own, I suggest that civilian participation in such Boards is essential. As Sir Robert Peel pointed out two centuries ago, confidence in and cooperation with the police is essential for their effectiveness.   Excerpts from the Article:   Baltimore’s mayor said Wednesday she will renew a push to add two...

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How good policing, effective policing, should occur!

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From my colleagues at LEAP. Click on this to see how good policing, effective policing, should occur! Sir Robert Peel’s Policing Principles 3 CORE IDEAS The goal is preventing crime, not catching criminals. If the police stop crime before it happens, we don’t have to punish citizens or suppress their rights. An effective police department doesn’t have high arrest stats; its community has low crime rates. The key to preventing crime is...

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Doctors Call for Release of Girl with Cerebral Palsy After Border Agents Remove Her from Hospital

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Ken’s Comments:   When the Donald says he is getting tough on immigration, this is the kind of outrageous crap we see. This, and the tortuous conditions of ICE “Detention Centers”. READ all about them on this website!   Excerpts:   The American Civil Liberties Union is demanding the immediate release of a 10-year-old girl who was removed from the children’s hospital in Corpus Christi, Texas, and taken into...

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Pro Bono/Pro Se Law Group – Richard Posner at the Helm! Ken Abraham Consulting on the Project. Final name: Team Posner Law Group

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UPDATE 11/27/17 – Judge Posner feels that my contributions to the organization have been so significant that he is referring to me as the co-founder of Team Posner, Inc.! We all know that I pale (not half as smart as Dick!) in the light of His Honor’s illustrious achievements, but I have been able to contribute in several ways, and I look forward to working with him for many years to come. This will be in every state!  ...

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The BEST way to get the word out about issues is a Letter to the Editor – Click on Articles and then scroll to “Go in Depth” and click on Letters to the Editor” for hundreds of examples and easy instructions. But the ANOTHER GREAT WAY to also attract eyeballs and the press, is a PRESS RELEASE. When I had my fast-growing businesses I sent one out every 3 months and got millions of dollars of “free advertising”...

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Wrongful Convictions – A National Disgrace – Excellent Video! kra

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Thanks to Cindy Rook of our FB group for sending me this one. Ask to JOIN Citizens for Criminal JUSTICE on FB! 🙂  This excellent video explains the causes and some of the solutions. This judge says that in his career he had over 200 trials. In my 10 year career in law I had over 55. This is because these days 95% to 97% of all felony cases end in a plea! READ Rush to Sentence – A Major, Awful Consequence of our “War on Drugs”! Thousands of...

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