2 Baltimore detectives convicted of racketeering, robbery

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Ken’s Comments:   Now the only question is: will they get time behind bars, as all bad cops deserve? Excerpts from the Article:   Two Baltimore detectives have been found guilty of racketeering and robbery in a trial that’s part of an ongoing federal investigation into police corruption. A federal jury delivered its verdict Monday evening. Detectives Daniel Hersl and Marcus Taylor faced robbery, extortion and racketeering...

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More Than Half of 2015 Police Killings Not Properly Documented in Government Data

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Ken’s Comments:   This is not cool. This Harvard study suggests that the number of people killed by police may be higher than our government tells us. How many are killed annually? What are the real numbers? This tells us they may be twice what the National Vital Statistics System reports! It doesn’t take much “reading between the lines” to see that  coroners and medical examiners may be pressured by police to...

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Backfire – Crimes by Prison Guards Cause Crimes by Inmates – kra

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  Backfire 2/8/13 The recent tragic shooting of a Wilmington police officer may well be the result of the lawlessness I have witnessed in Delaware D.O.C. “Guards”, who are law enforcement officers, repeatedly breaking the law, with NO accountability. Theft, assault, writing false reports, witnessed day after day by the prisoners. Think about it. They have seen during their incarceration hundreds of instances of crimes committed by...

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“I Won’t Back Down” – My Theme Song. kra

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I remember when our criminal justice system worked well. There was time to have proper trials. There were nearly zero wrongful convictions. Our prison population was about 338,000 (now over 2.1 million). That was 1973, the year I graduated from law school. That was before the “war on drugs” got ramped up. That was 45 years ago; that is how long it has taken us to create the dysfunctional justice system seen in America today. Nixon...

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“Why is it so Hard?” “Why Should it be so Hard?” We Must Ask This Question More Often! – With Letter to the Editor kra

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“Why is it so Hard?” “Why Should it be so Hard?” These are the words Christine spoke to me, through tears, when I called her tonight to wish her a Merry Christmas. Hell, I know, and knew as I called her that her Christmas cannot possibly be merry. None ever will be again. You see, Christine is a mother who contacted me a several months ago (soon after the death), because her son, J, only 44, died in August of this year...

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