‘Say Her Name’: City to Pay $12M to Breonna Taylor’s Family

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The best part of this settlement is the changes being made regarding no knock warrants. Read the article for details.   Excerpts from the Article: Months after the police killing of Breonna Taylor thrust her name to the forefront of a national reckoning on race, the city of Louisville agreed to pay the Black woman’s family $12 million and reform police practices as part of a settlement announced Tuesday. But Taylor’s mother and...

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Georgia deputy fired after video showed him repeatedly punching a Black man in traffic stop

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How remarkably stupid can some cops get?! At least in this instance officials acted swiftly in firing the fools.Now they need to be PROSECUTED.   Excerpts from the Article: Roderick Walker’s legs flailed as a Clayton County, Ga., sheriff deputy, who had pulled over the car he was riding in for a broken taillight, pinned him down on the street on Friday. While the officer leaned his full body weight onto Walker, who is Black, a second...

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‘He’s a small child’: Utah police shot a 13-year-old boy with autism after his mother called 911 for help

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He is not the only one! America’s number one health problem is not the virus, it is the neglect of our mentally ill! Police are not trained to deal with them; they need effective treatment, not prison!  See so many related articles on this website! Excerpts from the Article: When Golda Barton dialed 911 on Friday, she hoped emergency responders could help hospitalize her 13-year-old son, who has Asperger syndrome and was having a mental...

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Virginia House approves sweeping package of police reforms

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Here we see the political split of what should be a NON POLITICAL issue: fair policing! All states should promptly ENACT THESE REFORMS! The Virginia House of Delegates approved a sweeping package of police reform bills Friday that Democrats said would make it easier to reign in officers who abuse their authority but Republicans said would hamstring police and make their jobs more dangerous. The legislation includes many of the measures...

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The Power of Filming Police

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I have many articles on this, and the bottom line is that you can film the cops anywhere so long as you do not interfere with their lawful performance of their duties. I suggest that any time you see someone – especially a black person – approached by cops… start filming! You can ignore their orders to stop; IF you get arrested, CALL me! I will help you for free.  🙂    Excerpts from the Article: A string of recent polls...

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Nationwide Police Misconduct Database Available to Public – Good News! – kra

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This certainly is great news, although I am sure the numbers are worse than shown here; for many reasons, much police misconduct never is reported.   Excerpts from the Article: USA Today, in conjunction with the Chicago-based nonprofit Invisible Institute, has compiled the largest database of instances of police misconduct — and it’s accessible by the public. The database contains disciplinary records for over 85,000 police officers for...

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