A Miami-Dade officer struck a woman at an airport will be terminated, officials say

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Wow! This guy has no business being a cop, and should be PROSECUTED! Excerpts from the Article: Termination proceedings have been initiated against a Miami-Dade police officer who struck a woman who he said struck him during an argument at Miami International Airport. The incident happened Tuesday evening, and police body camera video of the encounter circulated on social media. The strike was “way too excessive use of force,”...

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Woman driving near protests says LAPD foam round injured her, files $10-million claim – Non Lethal Force – kra

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Any alternative to lethal force is progress, but police still should show restraint whenever possible. This woman may have a valid claim; the courts will determine that. Excerpts from the Article: A woman who was at a Los Angeles intersection near a protest over the killing of George Floyd filed a legal claim Monday, alleging she was struck in the head by a foam bullet fired by Los Angeles police, leaving her with stitches, a fractured...

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Trump administration made it harder to investigate police abuse – True and Tragic – kra

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This is old news, but the EFFECT of it is more important now than ever.  tRump is a disaster for criminal justice in many ways … from his use of private prisons (which Obama, wisely, was phasing out) to his total incompetence with the issues.  He does not care about meaningful reform, does not care about individuals’ rights, and is as “lost in space”on criminal justice as he is on many other issues! Remember, justice is...

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USA TODAY poll: Americans want major police reform, more focus on serious crime

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Because it is so long overdue! Most cops are good cops, but I have been raising hell about abuses for 14 years. Major changes are coming.  🙂 Excerpts from the Article: Most Americans believe that change must be made to law enforcement across the nation and that reforms are needed to reduce police brutality against Black Americans, a poll released Monday found. Among the ideas embraced by many of those polled June 18-22 by Ipsos on behalf of...

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22 Camden protestors won’t face prosecution – Good for Kathy! Good for Delaware! – kra Letter to Editor – PUBLISHED!

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My friend, Kathy Jennings, Delaware’s AG, shows once again how an Attorney General should behave, and proves that she is the best AG we have had in a long, long time. I have known her for decades, and I have known many of her predecessors.  Not only did Ms. Jennings do the right thing in dropping these charges, but she did it the right way: after thorough review of the facts and thoughtful discussion with all involved. Protesters have...

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As a judge, I have to follow the Supreme Court. It should fix this mistake.

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Qualified immunity should see the dustbin of history! It makes it nearly impossible for those abused by police to win a civil suit against them.  This judge gets it. Excerpts from the Article: George Floyd’s unconscionable killing has properly brought renewed attention to the Supreme Court’s doctrine of “qualified immunity,” which shields law enforcement officers from civil lawsuits alleging excessive force. The judge-made law of qualified...

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