The Cop Crime of Failing To Intervene

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This important principle is simple: the police are to protect and serve, and when one cop sees another actually unlawfully harming someone, regardless of rank, he should intervene in order to protect and serve. Excerpts from the Article: Derek Chauvin has already been convicted for the murder of George Floyd. To the extent any conviction “sends a message” to anyone, the message has been sent. But the trial of the three officers working under...

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Want to build trust? Quit trampling our right to hold government officials accountable.

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We must eliminate “qualified immunity,” and hold police accountable for their conduct. Excerpts from the Article: James King was a college student walking to work in 2014 when two officers in street clothes stopped him and asked his name. King answered them, but one tore the wallet from his pocket anyway. Thinking he was being mugged, King ran. The officers tackled him and beat him badly – so badly that bystanders called 911. One officer later...

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A Kansas DA cited stand your ground laws and announced no charges in death of teen in custody

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My friend and great lawyer, Steve Hampton, sent me this Article, and added, quite correctly: “CO’s in Kansas with license to kill the mentally ill. Especially if they are a minority. In all the descriptions of this incident I see nothing about the CO’s asking for help from mental health. Their policy, like Delaware DOC’s policy, is use force to solve every problem.” Excerpts from the Article: A Kansas district attorney announced he...

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California police dog mauled and maimed man who missed rental car payment, lawsuit says

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Excessive force by the police plus a huge error by the owner of the car! Excerpts from the Article: A California man alleges he lost full use of his right arm after a police K-9 violently latched onto it during a 2020 arrest stemming from an erroneous report of a stolen rental car, according to a federal lawsuit. Ali Badr, 42, of Oakland, filed the civil lawsuit last month against the city of San Ramon, its police chief, Craig Stevens, and...

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How role-playing helps police do their job without firing their guns

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A little more of this would save a lot of lives … and allow police to do policing! Excerpts from the Article: If confronted by the man a few months earlier, the four police officers from Inglewood, Calif., might have killed him. But the officers had practiced situations like this in simulation training, learning to slow their responses and look for other options. As the man walked toward them, insisting he was armed with a knife and a...

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Federal lawsuit claims Wilmington officer used ‘excessive force’ when slamming man’s head

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Another instance of police abuse!  What a coincidence; I have a man coming in this morning with a similar tale; the cop shattered his teeth on Friday. Excerpts from the Article: A federal lawsuit has been filed against a Wilmington police officer seen on social media repeatedly slamming a man’s head during an arrest last month inside a Southbridge convenience store. In addition to using “excessive force,” the lawsuit filed in...

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