Drivers Beware: The Deadly Perils of Traffic Stops in the American Police State

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I have posted similar articles. The best advice is: do what they say. Tell the officer what you are doing, i.e. “I am getting my license”. Move slowly, with your hands visible at all times. Do not reach under the seat; if you need to, tell the officer why you need to.  Record the encounter.  Complain later if you have a complaint. For more examples of extreme abuse open the Whole Story. Excerpts from the Article: We’ve all been...

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Small Delaware police departments struggle to stay fully staffed

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This is a major nationwide problems, and cities, counties, and states should allocate money toward fixing it. Make it a priority. The system is so screwed up that, for several reasons, it has affected the front line of defense against crime: our police. READ It is a tough time to be a cop  Is this a crisis yet? Maybe. There is much more to this article. If you’re interested in safety, open it up and read it. Agencies should: Increase pay...

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Florida Deputy Falsifies Drug Field-Test Results, Freeing 11 From Jail – Steven O’Leary MUST be prosecuted! – kra

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More cases surely will be dropped, and this dirty cop MUST be prosecuted.     Excerpts from the Article: Steven O’Leary was a preacher before switching his career to law enforcement. The career-changing, job-hopping cop held jobs at two different departments. O’Leary might face criminal charges himself. The Whole Story...

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Ex-cop sentenced in Balt. racketeering case – He got 9 years in Prison – Good!- kra

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Good, because the only thing worse than a dirty cop is a dirty prosecutor or judge!  Excerpts from the Article: A fired Philadelphia police officer who led a double life as a criminal was sentenced Friday to nine years in prison as part of a Baltimore racketeering case that exposed one of the worst U.S. police corruption scandals in recent memory. Eric Snell had pleaded guilty three days into his trial on charges that he conspired to sell drugs...

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‘Feeling cute, might just gas some inmates today’: Corrections officers face backlash over social media challenge

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This is no joke, and should be condemned. Too many corrections officers are just mean spirited little people in a uniform, who get a kick out of abusing inmates!  READ How to avoid the deaths of prison guards and inmates  Excerpts from the Article: The photos seem innocuous. Several people posed in front of mirrors. Others snapped selfies in cars. They made funny faces, mean-mugged or just smiled. Some even added fun filters — tiny, floating...

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‘Sad day for our city’: Former Baltimore Police chief De Sousa sentenced to federal prison for tax fraud

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Only a dirty prosecutor is worse than a dirty cop. Whether planting evidence at a crime scene, or cheating on taxes, we should tolerate NO dirty cops. Excerpts from the Article:   Saying she wanted to deter other tax-cheating cops, U.S. District Judge Catherine Blake sentenced former Baltimore Police Commissioner Darryl De Sousa on Friday to 10 months in federal prison for tax fraud. De Sousa had pleaded guilty to three counts of failing...

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