Ex-Sheriff Lee Baca likely headed to prison after Supreme Court declines to review case – GOOD! – kra

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ALL abusive officers – cops or prison personnel – must be held accountable!  READ How to avoid the deaths of prison guards and inmates … or do you want to join the countless officials who refuse to acknowledge this huge problem called prison abuse?  Excerpts from the Article: Former Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca is probably headed to prison after the U.S. Supreme Court denied a last-ditch, longshot request to review his case...

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Baltimore Police Announce Surveillance Plane Pilot Program To Help Deter, Solve Crimes – Big Brother is Alive and Well in Baltimore! – kra

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As with any authority given police, we must be vigilant to spot and punish abuses. The Courts will determine whether this is, per se, unconstitutional. Given the approval of street cameras nearly everywhere, I won’t be surprised if they rule it ok. I foresee plenty of potential for abuse with this program in the hands of a private company, not police.       Baltimore’s police commissioner announced three surveillance planes...

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‘Thousands of cases’ tainted by evidence mishandling by California deputies, attorney says

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Yes, this is one huge, disastrous consequence of bad cops, bad prosecutors, and otherwise tainted evidence, and it is another reason for YOU to raise hell about it! Excerpts from the Article: Disastrous. That’s what one attorney is calling the rapidly growing evidence scandal that has swept the Orange County Sheriff’s Department and that threatens to alter the criminal justice landscape in one of California’s largest counties. The ramifications...

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Arrested as teens, three men exonerated after 36 years behind bars for wrongful murder conviction Baltimore prosecutor’s Conviction Integrity Unit finds men are innocent in 1983 slaying of 14-year-old, shot in school hallway for his jacket

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I free innocent people, but the cases do not make the news. Why? Because I focus on getting them OUT before they die in prison – Commutation/Clemency, which takes about 2 years, start to finish. AND I SUCCEED. Once out, THEN they can prove their innocence! 🙂 DO WHAT WORKS! Look at these three guys; they were filing legal shit for 36 years. 36 YEARS!  This was another case of police misconduct, one of the leading causes of these...

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Falsely Imprisoned for 23 Years: Now He’s Received $7 Million

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I have written about this guy before, acknowledging his road to redemption. But would you accept an offer of $7 million to spend decades in prison? Of course not!  We MUST end prosecutor misconduct and we must end wrongful convictions. See many articles on this website on how that can be accomplished, not the least of which is ending the war on drugs! READ How The War on Drugs Destroyed Justice: How the “War on Drugs” has Destroyed...

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Police detain man eating a sandwich on a San Francisco train platform – Outrageous! – kra

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This is clearly racism and over criminalization! The officer ignored several other white people eating and drinking on the platform! Mr. Foster is likely to sue, and rightly so!  See numerous articles on my website about racism, and READ this too: 180 ARRESTED FOR UNDERAGE DRINKING AT PARTY NEAR UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE -Over Criminalization – Letter to the Editor Excerpts from the Article: A police officer detained and cited a man eating a...

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