My friend Steve is “a little peeved” – My constant condition – kra

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The following are emails from my friend, attorney Steve Hampton, to a reporter working on a story about another trial of several defendants charged with the murder of Mr. Floyd. When I asked Steve if it’s ok to post it, he said sure, and as to “How are you?” he replied: a “little peeved” … about this situation with all the prison abuse, and I said yes, that’s my constant condition. I have been raising...

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“Screen Time” can be hazardous to your well being! – Tablets in Prisons – My 2 cents – kra

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The increasing availability of tablets and internet access (severely restricted) in our prisons is a good thing, except that the contractors involved are over charging, but I just posted a comment online in response to an ad for a new device which, folded, is a phone, opened up, is a tablet with larger screen and keypad: “Groovy! Now the brain-dead American teenagers can waste their lives more readily wherever they go, watching all kinds...

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tRrump’s Disgusting Speech about “the wall” on 1/8/19

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I slept through my alarm and missed Douche Bag’s speech, but here it is (I watched it because I love America). What I expected, but even worse. I did not count the lies, but there were many. The fact is, he’s just a damn racist bigot! That is what drives his comments on immigration, not any concern for your safety! With the work I do, I know “a boatload” about crime and criminals, and that may be his worst lie: (a) what...

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Eleventh Circuit Denies Qualified Immunity to Florida Cop Who Seized iPhone from Accident Bystander – You CAN Film Cops – kra

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This is just another reminder that you CAN film police, as long as you do not interfere with their official duties. This article discusses search and seizure law and qualified immunity for police. Excerpts from the Article: On April 2, 2018, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals decided Crocker v. Beatty[i], in which the court examined whether a deputy sheriff was entitled to qualified immunity when he seized the cell phone of a bystander who...

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Sorry, Donald Trump, you do the crime, you do the time – I Agree – kra

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“Velly Intellesting”. I agree that Doofus Donald will do prison time, and when the indictments come we shall see that it is richly deserved. NOBODY is above the law! I don’t think he ever will resign. He is too stupid/arrogant/narcissistic. Excerpts from the Article: Now that the Democrats have control of the House, Special Counsel Robert Mueller is turning the corner, and Donald Trump has no possible way of surviving this,...

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Practical Tip – YOU need this if your loved one is in a DE prison or was transferred to PA! – kra

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Our friend, Lori Alberts, of Link of Love, sent me the information you see below. Delaware is moving hundreds of inmates, about 15 at a time, to PA. When they get where they are going you should CALL the prison and get the name and email address of the WARDEN of that institution!  Then CALL me if your loved one has problems.  302-423-4067 I know a lot of families are concerned that their Loved One might be shipped out of State to PA, so I...

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