Reminder – Part of Ken Abraham’s vast Experience with the law

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CALL ME – MY EXPERIENCE FOLKS – this means YOU! If you know anyone with a criminal justice question, a legal question, tell them to CALL me!!! Not a bunch of type type type… CALL 302-423-4067. I work every day from about 3 or 4 a m until 8 or 10 pm. I hate to toot my own horn but the FACT is I am able to help most (over 95%) of those who call. Not because I am a friggin’ genius, but because there are few people on this planet...

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Kentucky Supreme Court Tosses Evidence Holding Dog Sniff of Nervous Driver with Prior Drug Charges was Unreasonable. It was the addition of the dog which made the search unlawful – kra

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Good, because countless Black Americans are nervous when stopped by a cop. Legally, this was a sound decision, but any racist judge could have ruled the other way. Was the lower court judge racist?  It is Kentucky! Excerpts from the Article:   The Supreme Court of Kentucky held that a drug-dog sniff based on the nervousness of the driver who had prior drug charges (but not convictions) was an unreasonable search under the Fourth Amendment,...

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New Jersey AG Intervenes in Possible Wrongful Conviction Case, Considers Reforms

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The most dramatic example of how totally fucked up out criminal justice system has become is that we are convicting hundreds of innocent people every year. See related articles for how it got this way, much more on this issue, and all the causes of wrongful convictions.  Several states, thank God, now have CIUs , usually within the office of the prosecutor= Conviction Integrity Unit. I was a prosecutor for 5 years, and from day one it was clear...

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Company that runs immigration detention centers is top donor for three Texas congressmen

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Tell me something I don’t know! These are the worst prisons in America and the CEO of GEO Group should be behind bars! Every day they commit innumerable crimes. See 18 U S C A  Sections 241 and 242! CoreCivic is just as bad. These S O Bs spend tens of millions of dollars on what I call “legal bribery”: campaign donations and lobbying. The corporations make BILLIONS of dollars, and do not actually save any money at all (their...

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Help the Homelesss – kra

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No worries, the photo is from a couple of years ago when I was nearly hit on my bike by a texting driver; got banged up getting out of the way: fractured kneecap and minor scrapes and bruises. It really pissed me off that I had to take so much time with doctors instead of doing my work! So here is why I post the photo: “Feeling a little under the weather? Don’t let that stop you from using your Got given talents to do some...

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Literary group sues Trump, alleges free speech stifling – Free Speech! kra

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This is one reason why tRump is the most dangerous man in America: If he could, the asshole would eliminate our most precious right of all: Freedom of Speech. Excerpts from the Article:   In the three years that Donald Trump rocketed from candidate to president, the PEN American Center has criticized him as a bully, an autocrat, a user of hate speech and an enemy of free expression. It has published studies, organized petitions and...

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