Michigan, Illinois set to usher in recreational pot sales – Because it makes SENSE! – kra

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Just a matter of time until all states do the right thing! Excerpts from the Article: James Daly is eager to make marijuana history on Sunday, when he plans to open the doors to Arbors Wellness, beckon the lengthy line outside and legally start selling recreational pot for the first time in the Midwest. “We’ve worked very hard to be prepared,” said Daly, who owns the medical dispensary that, for now, is among just six shops in Michigan — mostly...

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New Frankford police chief establishes outreach programs

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Chief Corrigan certainly is on the right track with his outreach programs and his chaplain program. Getting the community on board, rather than terrorizing them with the “stop and frisks” of the past, will reduce crime. Excerpts from the Article: After more than two years without local police presence the town of Frankford has a new chief of police. Laurence “Larry” Corrigan was officially sworn in Friday, Nov. 22, filling the...

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Jail inmates sue over North Carolina county’s bail system – Massive Reform is needed NATIONWIDE! – kra

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My friend, Tom Foley, Esq., heads the Delaware effort at bail reform, but here and in every state, the changes are too little and too slowly!  NOBODY should be in jail for lack of $100 to make bail!  And laws should change, like REQUIRING that non violent charges are without bail! Pretrial confinement can jeopardize people’s employment, child care and housing. Excerpts from the Article: A group of North Carolina jail inmates filed a...

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Opioid crisis leaves Americans seeking alternative options for pain relief – and how doctors were prosecuted! – kra

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This is an interesting reminder of the abject failure of our War on Drugs  … opioids everywhere.  But this article discusses the fast growing alternatives to pain pills, holistic medicine, with treatments like message and meditation, acupuncture hypnotism, and more. There has been an interesting and awful consequence of this, and I am now helping some physicians who were doing just this – practicing  holistic medicine. I won’t...

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Arrested as teens, three men exonerated after 36 years behind bars for wrongful murder conviction Baltimore prosecutor’s Conviction Integrity Unit finds men are innocent in 1983 slaying of 14-year-old, shot in school hallway for his jacket

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I free innocent people, but the cases do not make the news. Why? Because I focus on getting them OUT before they die in prison – Commutation/Clemency, which takes about 2 years, start to finish. AND I SUCCEED. Once out, THEN they can prove their innocence! 🙂 DO WHAT WORKS! Look at these three guys; they were filing legal shit for 36 years. 36 YEARS!  This was another case of police misconduct, one of the leading causes of these...

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Don McGahn: former White House counsel must testify, judge rules – GREAT! – kra

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A great decision for the rule of law, a bad decision for White House idiotic arguments and lame excuses! It’s a damn shame that it has taken the courts 6 months (McGhan was subpoenad in May) to get to this. Now Douche Bag AG Barr is sure to seek a stay of this order and to appeal to the Cirtuit Court, and then, when they lose there, to the Supreme Court. So, sad to say, we still are a long way from getting the truth out through officials...

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