Project links pediatricians, child psychiatrists

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PART OF MY JOB IS TO EDUCATE FOLKS. KIDS WITH MH ISSUES ARE FAR MORE LIKELY TO ENCOUNTER THE CRIMINAL JUSTICE SYSTEM. THIS WILL HELP PREVENT THAT. Lord knows there is a huge need for more of this. With all of the stress brought on by the pandemic, kids need this more than ever. The mental health of all Americans is largely ignored, with many having undiagnosed illnesses. It was tough enough on kids b4 the pandemic; I have given numerous talks...

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Wound care treatment improving for inmates – With kra Letter to the Editor – PUBLISHED! :)

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THE LETTER BELOW WAS PUBLISHED on p. A 4 of The Delaware State News of 10/10/20. 🙂 I must keep ever alert, keeping an eye out for significantly misleading statements like several in this article. First, I know from the calls, letters and emails which I receive daily (and my calls to two guards, who refuse to speak publicly for fear of unlawful retaliation), and my frequent contact with other prison reform advocates, that health care in...

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Feds ban solitary confinement for kids in prison, but state juvenile facilities still use isolation

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Studies show that isolation for juveniles is wildly counterproductive. I have seen adults go nuts (start talking to themselves, answering themselves, etc.) and it is worse for juveniles. As for my experience, when guards willfully, maliciously, and criminally kept me in isolation for 415 days … “Thank you, God, for my strong spirit”. Many kids need mental health attention, which is totally lacking in all of our prisons. READ...

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‘He’s a small child’: Utah police shot a 13-year-old boy with autism after his mother called 911 for help

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He is not the only one! America’s number one health problem is not the virus, it is the neglect of our mentally ill! Police are not trained to deal with them; they need effective treatment, not prison!  See so many related articles on this website! Excerpts from the Article: When Golda Barton dialed 911 on Friday, she hoped emergency responders could help hospitalize her 13-year-old son, who has Asperger syndrome and was having a mental...

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When Does “Normal Living” Happen in Recovery? – Interesting – kra

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As a former addict – clean 14 and a half years now – naturally this caught my attention among the hundreds of articles I get monthly. The article reminds me of some philosophy classes – much talk, many questions, no answers! I don’t agree with the characterization of many “likes and dislikes” as “addiction”. Some of the author’s attitudes are formed by the structure/principles of NA and AA....

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Phelps, Ohno open up about suicide, depression in new doc

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Depression is the most widespread undiagnosed MH problem in America, and it is rampant in our prisons. The MH care in prisons is a total FARCE! In Delaware, for example, there is one psychiatrist for more than 6,000 inmates; the others are “licenses clinicians”, and I have SEEN what the do/know. They must have had to take a test and fail it to become licensed! These superstars should be praised for speaking out about it. MH...

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