Disobeying an Order Can Land You in the ‘SHU’ – There is NO way to know the truth about why people are put in isolation cells! kra

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Ken’s Comments:   This study does show that many people are in isolation cells who do not need to be there: nonviolent petty infractions. But because officials lie so much, make up fictitious charges, etc., there is no way to know really how many others should not be in isolation. Based on my observations from 5 years in prison, in isolation for 1,510 days in several different buildings, and the thousands of articles I have read...

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The ‘Insane’ Way Our Prison System Handles the Mentally Ill – Costing YOU $444 Billion Each Year! – kra

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Ken’s Comments:   How many articles have I written about this? At least 100. And the insane – and insanely costly – neglect of our mentally ill goes on. These people are among the least capable of speaking out for help, and those imprisoned mostly have committed minor crimes. America’s neglect of the mentally ill costs YOU, the taxpayers, about $444 Billion every year; the problem is a major American disgrace. See...

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If I Were A Carpenter – kra

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IF I WERE A CARPENTER If I were a carpenter, first I’d use my saw, To cut in half all prosecutors who violate the law, Then I’d use my screwdriver to remove most politicians who make laws, For their lack of understanding of the solutions to injustice are a tremendous cause, Of suffering and unfairness and a justice system run amok, When dealing with the courts too many need to just pray for good luck, For Mr. A who commits crime x, may get a...

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Opioid report ‘a road map’ to combat crisis

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Ken’s Comments: Progress is slow, but it is coming. ADDICTS NEED TREATMENT, NOT PRISON!  Sheeeeit, I have been saying that for 6 years now, and people finally are listening. READ Crime Prevention Bill , which I sent to all Delaware lawmakers, and others, six years ago! Crime Prevention Bill   Excerpts from the Article:   For the many Delawareans who have become all too familiar with the state’s substance abuse and mental health...

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Florida prisons cut programs to cover $28 million deficit To make up the shortfall, state officials plan on cutting substance abuse and mental health treatment programs.

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Ken’s Comments:   A really stupid move. ALL studies show that education is the best way to reduce recidivism = reduce crime! Our idiot politicians want to spend tens of thousands of dollars a year keeping people locked up with mandatory minimum sentences [which do NOT reduce crime!] while cutting funds for what really works! it’s all part of the “tough on crime” failed bullshit policies of the past.    ...

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Private Prison Forced to Produce Solitary Confinement Records

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Ken’s Comments: Good for The Roderick and Solange Mac­Arthur Justice Center! When prison officials did what they love to do: stall, delay, ignore, stonewall … they forced them to provide the information! Just read a few articles under “prison abuse” to realize that, “any way you slice it”, private prisons are an abomination.   Excerpts from the Article:   The Roderick and Solange Mac­Arthur Justice...

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