Covered in feces, man died of dehydration in Georgia jail ‘that looks like a friggin horse stall’ After spending eight days in a padded room, a deputy found Reginald Wilson not breathing and covered in his own feces. No mental health care was provided.

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Who do you think pays for all of this horrific abuse? YOU, the taxpayers, do!   Excerpts from the Article: A Reveal investigation has uncovered new details of a man who died at the Cobb County Detention Center in 2018. The evidence was kept secret until 11Alive filed a lawsuit against former Sheriff Neil Warren last year to obtain the records. A familiar face at the Cobb County Detention Center, 54-year-old Reginald Wilson spent more than...

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Editorial: Big spike in inmate deaths at MDC raises some serious red flags

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The never ending abuse of prisoners continues! Will we see officials arrested for the abuses mentioned here?   Excerpts from the Article: Without delving into medical histories, it would appear that the death of a 38-year-old woman booked in a littering case could – and probably should – have been prevented. Ditto a 35-year-old man arrested on a drunken driving charge and a 48-year-old man locked up on a misdemeanor domestic violence...

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Misinformation and the Carceral State

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This article reminds me that the amount of misinformation flying around inside the prison is mind boggling! But here we see how misinformation about crimes and criminals creeps into the public perception.   Excerpts from the Article: A cloud of sensationalism, misinformation, and outfight propaganda has always hovered around government pronouncements and media coverage concerning crime and criminal justice. President Richard Nixon launched...

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The Excuses We Make for White Male Murderers Atlanta shooter Robert Long blamed his actions on sex addiction, not racism. Here’s why this narrative is problematic

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I don’t think the killer here is smart enough to lie about his motive, as suggested here.  He’s nuts, like too many others ignored by our mental health people.  He’s just another example of the need to treat the mentally ill and too many fucking guns!   Excerpts from the article: On Tuesday night, authorities reported that a mass shooter had gone on a rampage in the Atlanta area, targeting three massage parlors and spas...

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Tommy Jackson and 3 Dead Cats – Animal Cruelty

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Tom Jackson, local lawyer, has died, with lots of wonderful things being said about him. This is what I remember about Tom Jackson! We all did stupid shit as teenagers, but most of us did not do cruel things to animals. Tommy grew up in a home right around the corner from mine, and was 3 years older than I.  So he used to play with and hang out with Brock Parker, E Stuart Outten, John Vonrider, David Jamison, and occasionally they would pick on...

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Arizona Grandmother Sues After Being Jailed and Forced to Drink From Toilet

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God Bless her, and may she nail them with a large award! Excerpts from the Article: A 63-year-old grandmother filed a lawsuit on October 8, 2020 after she was arrested and jailed while having a mental health crisis. While jailed, she was forced into a restraint chair and then placed in a cell without access to water for days, forcing her to drink from a contaminated toilet. No charges were filed against her within 48 hours, so state law...

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