Prison Strike 2018 – Support their Demands! – kra

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Prison Strike 2018 Slavery Never Ended – National Prison Strike #August 21 Rebels incarcerated in prisons across the nation declare a nationwide strike in response to the riot in Lee Correctional Institution, a maximum security prison in South Carolina. Seven comrades lost their lives when prison officials turned their backs on a riot they provoked. We are demanding humane living conditions, access to rehabilitation, sentencing reform and...

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$625,000 settlement approved in wrongful death suit involving Hampton Roads Regional Jail inmate

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Good Lord, how many of these must I have read? 100? 200? More, I am sure. Nightmare true accounts of needless inmate deaths due to medical neglect. In the “real world”, getting treatment for a stomach ulcer would have been a simple routine. In our criminal justice system, landing in prison being accused of stealing a $5 candy bar will be a death sentence if you get a stomach ulcer! And who PAID  for the litigation and the...

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Warriors rise up Military veterans mobilize nationally for access to medicinal marijuana to relieve PTSD, pain and unseen injuries

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This excellent article, sent to me by my friend Steve Hampton, Esq., is a long one, but it should be a must read for everyone concerned about our servicemen and women! Take ten minutes to read it all. Why? Because we owe it to those who did serve! Here is another good reason: “You got 22 veteran suicides a day! That’s what you got for your money! You got an opioid abuse and addiction epidemic!” Our apathy, and Jeff Sessions’ stupidity,...

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Mentally ill man allowed to starve to death in prison, lawsuit says The West Palm man had lost lost 75 pounds in 2½ years.

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Sent by my good friend, Steve Hampton, who does a great job suing the prisons. One of few with the guts, skill, and knowledge to do it! We talk every week. Fax # is 678-3544, the rest is as follows: Stephen Hampton Grady and Hampton LLC 6 North Bradford Street Dover, DE 19904 302-678-1265 This story is no surprise to me, of course, but it may surprise YOU to know that this is the norm in America’s prisons. I bet...

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Kasich spares record number of death row inmates

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The death penalty does not save money, does not deter crime, and does not help anyone! READ Death Penalty Letter to the Editor: Death Penalty Letter to the Editor Excerpts from the Article: Ohio Gov. John Kasich has finished dealing with executions for the remainder of his time in office following a modern-era record of death penalty commutations. The Republican governor spared seven men from execution during his two terms in office, including...

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Nearly $1 million Utah inmate medical bill highlights problem for jails

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So very many old and ill inmates could and should be released! They are harmless and YOU are paying a fortune keeping them in jails and prisons in every state. See many related articles on this website. Look at this one fellow, costing taxpayers in Utah millions, when we could deport him to Mexico!   Excerpts from the Article:   Medical bills for a Utah jail inmate are nearing $1 million, sparking the sheriff’s resignation and...

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