In Alaska – Is SB91 working? A new report says it’s helping

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Needed changes slowly are coming. Have you read this yet?  I remember when the system worked well; justice nearly always was the result. Today it is a total train wreck – perhaps the most vivid manifestation is that we are imprisoning hundreds of innocent people every year. This is WHY it is a train wreck!  Excerpts from the Article: Mention Senate Bill 91, or SB91 in Alaska, and the conversation gets heated. It’s often blamed when people...

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Inmates’ civil lawsuit adds complexity to Vaughn prison riot trial – It Adds The TRUTH! – kra UPDATED with Letter on 11/6/18

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UPDATED 11/26/18 –  the Letter below is PUBLISHED on page A 5 of the Delaware State News of today’s date:    God Bless my friend and great lawyer, Steve Hampton, for having filed this lawsuit and so many on behalf of inmates. Truer words than these were never spoken: “The DOC hasn’t held themselves accountable in the past, I...

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A Little Poem about Prison Abuse – and read the links to understand why it is a problem for YOU!

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Saturday It is Saturday, and it is “out of sight, out of mind”, Another helpless person will be beaten, left dead, or maimed, or blind, Most Americans do not know of this, but millions do who cower*, Most who know are voiceless, poor, uneducated, not “connected to power”, Others, prosecutors and judges, well suited to end it all, Lack the leadership and the courage to hear the call, They pretend this massive abuse does not exist, is not here,...

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How ‘Underground Justice’ Has Failed Americans – “Plea Mediators”, a great idea! – kra

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I enjoyed 5 years as a prosecutor, and I am appalled by so many of today’s prosecutors. They are the most powerful component of our criminal justice system, and so many lack common sense and an understanding of “fairness”. Maybe that’s why so many results in today’s courts make little sense and are unfair.  I have written on all of the ills mentioned by professor Kelly: stacking charges, rush to sentence, etc.  I...

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Colorado Accused of Failing to Comply with Settlement in Mental Health Care Suit – Mentally ill – kra

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Over and over and over again we see prisons ignoring the agreements they have made! I SAW it with Delaware D O C. See related posts under Prison Abuse. Excerpts from the Article: On June 13, 2018, attorneys representing mentally ill defendants held in Colorado jails moved to reopen a 2012 class-action settlement in which the state agreed to cease “warehousing” mentally ill prisoners and provide them with timely evaluations. According to...

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Oldie but Goody – Rise and Shine!

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One of hundreds of poems I wrote in prison – usually first thing when I awoke, one would pop out, just to be sure my brain was still working after another day in isolation! 🙁    “Thank you, God, for my strong spirit!” 🙂  Rise and Shine! Rise and shine .. get going… there’s a ton of work to do! For the criminal justice system has hundreds of people to screw, And it will .. today … as sure as I sit in this...

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