Jail Lockup Tied to Early Death in U.S. Counties A new analysis suggests jail incarceration rates may help drive causes of death like infectious disease and suicide among county residents.

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This should surprise nobody.  Given that one’s physical health is tied to one’s mental health it stands to reason that those who see and experience all of the abuse, despair, and horrible health care in our jails, will be more ill and even commit suicide. By the way, there is NO effective mental health treatment in America’s jails or prisons, and this is part of that story. The despair and the contagion do not vanish when men...

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Federal Order Takes Aim At Retaliation Against Inmates In Florida Prisons

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This needs to happen in every state, though FL is among the worst! Many guards will ignore the Court Order, and they must be punished.  READ  Why only PROSECUTION and IMPRISONMENT Will Stop Prison Abuse and Police Abuse! Demand It!! How to Avoid the Deaths of More Prison Guards! As my friend, Steve Hampton said in his email to me: “We could really use this in Delaware, but note that it was filed by the Southern Poverty Law Center and it...

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Activists call for judge in Rittenhouse case to resign, plan protest

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Yes, this judge is a dangerous idiot! Excerpts from the Article: Activists in Kenosha are calling on the judge in Kyle Rittenhouse’s homicides case to resign after he wouldn’t jail the teenager and raise his bail Thursday. The group had planned a demonstration outside the Kenosha County Courthouse at 5 p.m. Friday, exactly the kind of action Circuit Judge Bruce Schroeder noted will not have any influence on how he handles the case....

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Additional marijuana compassion centers to open in Delaware

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More need to open in every state. 45 years of the “war on drugs” has really fucked things up!   With an increased demand for medical marijuana during the COVID-19 pandemic, additional compassion centers are set to open throughout the state in the coming months. Three companies are anticipated to begin operations in Kent, New Castle and Sussex counties: • CannaTech Research Inc. – Anticipated to open between April and June in...

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$4.65 Million Settlement for Florida Female Prisoner Left Quadriplegic After Brutal Beating by Guards – UPDATED 2/13/21

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Who do you think is paying the costs of all of this litigation, settlements, and judgements resulting from totally preventable prison abuse?… and, in many cases, the ongoing, lifelong medical care each year!? YOU ARE, and it is billions of dollars every year! She now has been granted a medical release, so the prison won’t continue to pay, but the public still will bear the cost of medical care.                    READ...

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The Most Dangerous Place in the World – Rape and Murder – Warning – Essay – Ken Abraham

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What is the most dangerous place in the world?  Brazil, rife with gangs?  Some pockets of America with crime everywhere, fueled by the failure of our “war on drugs”? Nope.  The most dangerous is not actually a place at all; it is the internet! The internet is full of people who are not who they claim to be, what they really look like, etc.   … PREDATORS AND PERVERTS. VERY DANGEROUS PEOPLE. The internet is ideal for such...

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