“Screen Time” can be hazardous to your well being! – Tablets in Prisons – My 2 cents – kra

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The increasing availability of tablets and internet access (severely restricted) in our prisons is a good thing, except that the contractors involved are over charging, but I just posted a comment online in response to an ad for a new device which, folded, is a phone, opened up, is a tablet with larger screen and keypad: “Groovy! Now the brain-dead American teenagers can waste their lives more readily wherever they go, watching all kinds...

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“Ignored to death” in the Bexar County jail.

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Every day – yes, every day – someone who is physically and/or mentally ill is IGNORED TO DEATH in our prisons! Read some related articles to learn more facts, and then speak out about this shit!  READ Practical Tip: How YOU can become an  ADVOCATE! Here is how! EASY as 1, 2 ,3 ! DO IT!   Excerpts from the Article: Three days after Christmas, family and friends of Janice Dotson-Stephens packed into pews inside the Lewis Funeral...

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Ex-Hampton Roads Regional Jail guard charged with assaulting, choking inmate

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This is noteworthy because for every 1,000 such incidents, maybe 1 of them results in criminal charges! See many related articles on prison abuse. Excerpts from the Article: A former correctional officer at Hampton Roads Regional Jail was indicted Thursday on charges he choked an inmate unconscious and injured his arm. Dale Barnes, 59, faces one count each of strangulation and malicious wounding. If convicted, he could receive up to 25 years in...

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Prisons are housing mental health patients who’ve committed no crimes – New Hampshire’s Unique Law – Cruelty – kra

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I would think that a Habeas Corpus petition would succeed in this case. We shall see. While I am well aware of the abominable treatment of the mentally ill in America, I was not aware of this New Hampshire law until my friend, Steve Hampton, Esq., sent me this article. Thanks Steve. Here is Mr. Hampton’s contact information: Stephen Hampton sahampton@gradyhampton.com Grady and Hampton LLC 6 North Bradford Street Dover, DE 19904...

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Updated 1/4/19 These are so effective that I remind you again. I am about to prepare a Press Release for the homeless shelter I work with, as they are in need of equipment and furnishings for their two new properties.  If your organization needs donations or help, tickle your calendar to send out a Press Release at least once every 5 or 6 months, to stay in the public’s eye! The BEST way to get the word out about issues is a Letter to the...

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Inmates in lawsuit against Cuyahoga County Jail speak of ‘inhumane’ conditions

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The same inhumane conditions exist in most of America’s prisons. READ the many related articles here under “prison abuse”!  Below are some of the most common problems, which occur all over the country because nobody holds prison officials ACCOUNTABLE!   He and 18 other men shared a single toilet for the first month, the suit says. When Martin did shower, the shower was riddled with insects and the curtain was covered in...

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