Inmate creates artwork for Veterans Treatment Court Program – God Bless Judges like Bill Witham – kra

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Here is my long time friend, and great (FAIR!) judge, Bill Witham, highlighting this good program! It is one of too few which really work; the low recidivism rate tells the story. Well done, Judge Witham!  Judge William Witham, Doing a Great Job – He “gets it” concerning felons in reentry. Excerpts from the Article: There’s no missing the newest wall decoration inside the Kent County Courthouse. The painting with vivid colors...

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How the Dutch Are Closing Their Prisons – The number of prisoners in the country has halved in a decade and experts say alternative sentencing programs can further decrease the number.

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I have been expecting this for months.  The Europeans are way ahead of us with “what works” in prisons! While we still warehouse and abuse prisoners, Holland, Norway and Denmark make them – most of them – productive citizens. Read this and see how.  We have known this for years (see other articles on this website), but because powerful forces oppose change – prison guard unions, private prisons, police unions,...

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Expert: Forget Detox for Substance Use Disorder Physical dependence isn’t the problem in getting patients unhooked – Do What Works – kra

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As a former addict myself, counseling hundreds of others, I KNOW the wisdom and truth of this statement: “The real key, said Debra Gordon RN, DNP, of the University of Washington in Seattle, in a talk here at the annual PAINWeek conference, is establishing a relationship with patients so that behavioral changes can be implemented.” Addicts consume a huge percentage of the criminal justice resources, are a huge part – component...

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New report exposes vicious cycle of imprisonment Those most likely to be jailed multiple times a year are poor, unemployed and without a high school education – This is Beyond Crazy! Letter to the Editor- kra

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Read the article. See the kinds of “crimes” these people are being arrested for, and the number of repeat arrests. Talk about counter productive! This is YOUR tax money absolutely wasted!   Excerpts from the Article: Robert McCoy has a 78-page rap sheet that includes 80 arrests and five prison sentences. He was paroled to New York City in June 2018 after spending over 11 years in prison. Determined to stop the cycle of arrests...

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Jeep Rally for Respect joins events supporting Special Olympics Delaware

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Why is this posted on a criminal justice site? Read all the articles about how profoundly unfair America’s criminal justice is to those with MH issues! READ Essay on being Different – Baxter – Nobody is “better” than another; we’re all just different. Excerpts from the Article: From rappelling 17 stories over the edge of a Wilmington skyscraper, and plunging into the chilly Atlantic Ocean in early February …...

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Seattle Has Figured Out How to End the War on Drugs While other cities are jailing drug users, Seattle has found another way.

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Yes, doing what many of us have  been suggesting for years actually works! Close the criminal justice toolbox and open the public health toolbox; that’s what works to reduce addiction, save our kids, and reduce crime. This article was sent to me by my friend, great attorney, Steve Hampton.  By the way, Steve is one of few attorneys with the guts and the skills needed to successfully sue prions and their “health care”...

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