To save money, California will close its youth prison system – GREAT! – kra

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This article was sent to me by my dear friend, Charito, who teaches restorative justice internationally, and now heads the Delaware Civil Rights Coalition. Charito Calvachi-Mateyko, J.D./M.A.C.T. Coordinator, Delaware Civil Rights Coalition Cell 717-951-0905 I have written much about juvenile detention, and, bottom line: it is ineffective, counter productive, and often cruel! Excerpts from the Article: As the coronavirus...

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Youth in crisis: Officials discuss mental health issues

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Yack, yack, yack.  Talking does not cut it. It is long past time for us to tackle M H issues in America. Our neglect of the mentally ill costs us – you and me – $444 BILLION every year!  That’s no typo… $444 BILLION every year!  Excerpts from the Article: The mental health crisis is defined by the family, noted Malia Boone, youth crisis services program manager for Mobile Response and Stabilization Services — especially...

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Suit: Mississippi Man Sentenced to Two Days Hangs Himself After Jail Kept Him 52 Days Longer – I am NOT Surprised – kra

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I am not surprised. The “records” departments of prisons are as fucked up as all else they do! This is one tragic consequence of their incompetence.  I have seen several similar articles … a sentence of less than a month ends in DEATH due to preventable incompetence … records errors, outright brutal assaults by staff, or medical neglect.  Here we had 2 out of three!  Excerpts from the Article: After he lost work and was...

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Repeat Offenders May Be the Result of Different Brain Composition – Nah – kra!

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Well, maybe, but I think this is a shaky theory.  I am all for applying science to any aspect of criminal behavior, but I sure don’t think brain composition is a major factor in recidivism. Excerpts from the Article: With consideration for the age-old adage, “nurture versus nature,” a recent study suggests that the single common characteristic shared by repeat offenders may be isolated to the structure and composition of the brain itself,...

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The Coronavirus Pandemic Shows America’s Prison System Is ‘Inhumane’

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Tell me something I don’t already know! Excerpts from the Article: Black Lives Matter co-founder Patrisse Cullor has been fighting for criminal justice reform since she was a teenager. Growing up, she witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of the criminal justice system and police brutality. Her older brother, who has mental health issues, has been cycling in and out of jail most of his adult life. This exposure has motivated the...

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Around the ValleyCampusCurrent AffairsShowcase Reforming an incarcerated America – Excellent Article – kra

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I have posted many articles showing that a great way – maybe the best way –  to reduce crime (reduce recidivism) and lower criminal justice costs is to EDUCATE inmates. I love this sentence: “It’s reminding them that they have a voice . . . no matter if they are being called a number or an inmate . . . that they’re people that can tell stories,”… it reminds me that my first Letter to the Editor upon release from prison in 2012...

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