The American Legal Industry -short essay by kra 3-31-20

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  This image pretty well sums it up. Did you know that for every 1 person arrested, 29 people make money?! It is no wonder that all manner of people/groups spend BILLIONS of dollars annually fighting needed changes to our wildly screwed up justice system. For them, it is merely job preservation. Never mind that most of them don’t actually help anyone, (neither individuals nor society) that the system is so fucked up that thousands...

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WHAT A MURDEROUS, DANGEROUS IDIOT! tRump Ordered Crucial Medical Supplies Not be Sent to States Whose Governors Criticized Him!

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He thinks everything, even a natural disaster, is political, tRump is dangerously deranged! That fool in our White House actually tried to stop shipment of life saving medical supplies to Wyoming and to Michigan because the governors of those states had criticized his response to the crisis! He soon reversed himself on that, after the story broke. FOLKS, if you don’t vote him out you DO need a good shrink! You think this idiot can effect...

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No Escape From Virus Threat for 2 Million Crammed in Prisons – A prison pandemic? Steps to avoid the worst.

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Many prisons have stopped visits, as they should. But I tell you this: if it hits our prisons, thousands are doomed, for the “health care” is virtually non-existent.  These measures could help a lot! Excerpts from the Article: To date, over 125,000 cases of the novel coronavirus have been reported worldwide — with more than 4,000 fatalities. Over 1,400 cases have been reported in the US alone, a number that will surely grow in...

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California Prisons Cannot Hire Psychiatrists! $300,000 a year isn’t enough to persuade psychiatrists to work at California prisons

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Mental Health care in prisons is even worse than the general health care, which is atrocious! Now we see that CA cannot hire psychiatrists! Excerpts from the Article: A 24 percent pay bump offered three years ago failed to convince enough psychiatrists to go to work in California’s prisons, where inmate suicides reached record highs last year, according to prison and union officials. Lawmakers and unions agree the record 38 suicides recorded...

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New York State Will Produce Hand Sanitizer Made By Prison Inmates – Great! EVERY State Should! – kra

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  New York State Will Produce Hand Sanitizer Made By Prison Inmates… and so should every state: “Scrub away germs and scrub some good – hope and preparedness! –  into an ex offender!” Replenishable, needed by everyone, it’s a great product to keep inmates busy. Studies show that working inmates are far less likely to re-offend than others, and this gives them some moolah to use upon release. The price...

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For the Mentally Ill, Calling 911 Could Prove Deadly – I know! – kra

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I have seen too many cases where it DID turn deadly, due to lack of police training. Some of you have seen the horrifying videos of these deadly encounters. One solution is to have MH counselors on call to accompany officers on calls, and a handful of jurisdictions are doing this. Many more should! READ Ken’s Article on Police Training   Excerpts from the Article: Police responding to 911 calls that involve individuals in a mental health...

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