Whistleblowers describe culture of racism, abuse and cover-ups at Florida prison

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Yes, and it is the same in prisons all over America. READ Culture of Cover Up Only when the abusers are prosecuted and imprisoned will they get the message: they must obey the law. READ How to avoid the deaths of prison guards and inmates  Excerpts from the Article: One former Panhandle prison employee said she filed a written complaint about a correctional officer’s racist behavior, then came into work several days later to another officer...

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The Use of Solitary Confinement in Virginia Is Inhumane and Unlawful

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It is nothing short of outrageous the way prison officials abuse solitary confinement and then ignore Court Orders to correct their policies and practices. What most of these articles do not tell you is that solitary is often used to punish, totally illegally, inmates who speak out about the many abuses, as they did with me, keeping me in isolation for 1,510 days, when I should not have been in prison at all for those 4 years! READ It’s...

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Prison contractor falsified records to conceal inadequate addiction treatment, sources say – No Surprise to Me! – With Letter to Editor – kra

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This kind of behavior is exactly what I saw and have been complaining about for years.  The f#%@#$g contractors submit a program which looks good on paper, get the deal, worth tens of millions of dollars, and then do damn near nothing. I SAW it, day in and day out. Like so many good articles, this one is lengthy. For many more examples, and a better understanding of the depth of the fraud, click on The Whole Story. I am sending this article to...

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Unlicensed Interns to Perform Psych Tests on Utah Prisoners – Absurd! – kra

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As you know, I get calls daily from inmates, probationers, and their families about these “counselors. READ We Need to Know! – So called “counselors” are, in fact, too often mean spirited little bullies, just like prison guards – kra   This idea is a disaster and a mountain of lawsuits waiting to happen! Excerpts from the Article: According to October 2018 news reports, Utah’s Department of Corrections wants to pay...

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Delaware’s drug laws are out of balance. Here’s how we can fix that. With Letter to the Editor – kra

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Kathy Jennings, Delaware’s Attorney General, Sen. Elizabeth Lockman, D-West Wilmington, and Rep. Sean Lynn, D-Dover, who chairs the House Judiciary Committee, wrote an excellent Editorial piece (We Must Bring Balance to the Criminal Justice System) in which they hit the nail on the head, addressing most of the major problems in the system today. NOW all they need to do is penetrate the skulls of some Bozo legislators, to enact needed changes!...

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Solitary confinement worsens mental illness. A Texas prison program meant to help can feel just as isolating. – This is a HUGE problem in our prisons- kra

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Tell me something I don’t know! I have seen how solitary confinement destroys people, particularly those with one or more mental illnesses, which is about 1/3 to 1/2 of the prison population (nobody knows what the real percentage is – it varies from study to study)  I was IN IT for 1,510 days, all unlawfully.  READ It’s not about What They Did to Me -Prison Abuse – My Mission    Thank you, God, for my strong spirit!  🙂 ...

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