The Supreme Court’s new death penalty order should make your skin crawl. The Court’s new death penalty order is almost too cruel to be believed.

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This article was sent to me by my good friend and a great lawyer, Steve Hampton. Since when do we want our state and federal governments to be cruel to people?! Since tRump  started appointing people to the Supreme Court, that’s when! Excerpts from the Article: Hamm v. Reeves, a death penalty order that the Supreme Court handed down Thursday night, is an epilogue to a longstanding tension between drug companies that do not wish their...

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Family of Brandon Roberts files federal lawsuit claiming wrongful death by Milford police

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Once they get to court this one could go either way.  It depends whom the jurors believe. Excerpts from the Article: The family of Brandon Roberts, the Milford man shot and killed by police in January 2020, is suing the city of Milford and the two officers who shot him in federal court. The wrongful death lawsuit claims Cpl. Nigel Golding and Patrolman Patrick Karpin violated Roberts’ Fourth Amendment rights and the city violated the Americans...

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A Kansas DA cited stand your ground laws and announced no charges in death of teen in custody

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My friend and great lawyer, Steve Hampton, sent me this Article, and added, quite correctly: “CO’s in Kansas with license to kill the mentally ill. Especially if they are a minority. In all the descriptions of this incident I see nothing about the CO’s asking for help from mental health. Their policy, like Delaware DOC’s policy, is use force to solve every problem.” Excerpts from the Article: A Kansas district attorney announced he...

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Centurion VP makes ‘damning admission’ on last day of Arizona prison health care trial

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This joins scores of articles I have concerning abominable prison health care. Excerpts from the Article: Prisoners, wardens, psychologists, correctional experts and medical specialists testified over the course of four weeks in the Jensen v. Shinn prison health care trial in Arizona.They described their personal experiences and observations in Arizona prisons in a legal challenge in which prisoners allege the state is providing...

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HEALTH AND SCIENCE 988 suicide phone hotline getting $282 million to ease July launch

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There is a huge need for this 3 digit Mental Health hotline! Let us hope that every state trains enough high quality MH counselors to staff it well. Excerpts from the Article: People in crisis and those trying to help them will have a new phone number — 988 — to reach the national suicide prevention network starting in July. On Monday, federal health officials are announcing more than $280 million to smooth the transition from the current...

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Family of trans woman who died by suicide in Georgia men’s prison gets $2.2 million settlement

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Every week at some prison in America, settlements and judgements due to abuse like this cost YOU millions of dollars! Money needlessly spent, which could have been avoided if D O C staff and their contractors just did what they legally are required to do! Excerpts from the Article: Georgia’s prison system has agreed to pay $2.2 million to the family of a transgender woman who died while at a men’s prison four years ago. Jenna Mitchell hung...

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