The Public Favors Rehabilitation and other Criminal Justice Reforms. So, why aren’t they happening? kra

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Ken’s Comments:   I cannot highlight or edit this article, sent to me by my friend, Rev. Jeff Grant. But if you read it you will see that more than 1,000 people interviewed understand that the justice system is in urgent need of reform, they favor rehabilitation and less incarceration, treatment instead of prison for addicts and the mentally ill. And they see that long prison sentences often do more harm than good. All the stuff we...

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WeedWeek for the Week of 11/18/17 = ALL the Pot News! kra

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WeedWeek has ALL the marijuana news every week: Politics, Business, Criminal Justice, Health and Science, and Culture. There always are several articles of great interest and import that I would love to call to your attention and highlight here, but time limits me to one or two. ūüôĀ¬†   Former chair of Berkeley Medical Cannabis Commission sentenced to 3+ years in federal prison. This idiot gives the industry a bad rep when it is most in need...

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Obama Publishes Commentary on Criminal Justice Reform in Harvard Law Review – He gets it. kra

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Ken’s Commentary:   Obama gets it: our criminal justice system has “gone to hell in a handbasket”; it’s a total disaster which was 4o years in the making. It has needlessly ruined millions of lives, it has not kept Americans safe from crime, and it is an astonishing and deadly failure on the drug front! Just read this paragraph and you get the picture:¬†‚ÄúWe simply cannot afford to spend $80 billion annually on...

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Ginnie Graham: Years after single mom got 12 years for selling $31 of weed, Oklahoma is still No. 1 for locking up women

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Ken’s Comments:   What’s with Oklahoma? It is just pathetic that Oklahoma is jailing women this way, destroying families. The sentence in her case was downright barbaric! 12 years in prison for selling less than $50 worth of marijuana! In a day and age where pot is rapidly becoming legal (now available in 29 states) this sort of sentence is outrageous. Is it any wonder that people have so little respect for the...

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For-Profit Delco Prison Settles Inmate Suicide Lawsuit for $7M – Another Outrage!

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Ken’s Comments:   How many more such tragedies and wastes of YOUR money do we have to see before people raise hell about it! Such situations could easily be prevented at a tiny fraction of what this now costs. And it is YOUR taxpayer money thus wasted! As for the settlement “policy changes”, unless there is vigorous monitoring and enforcement, that is not worth the paper it is written on! How do I know? From my...

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Va. case shows desperate need to put the mentally ill in treatment, not prison

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Ken’s Comments: ¬†I doubt that I shall live long enough to see politicians wake up to the realization that they are harming many by our massive neglect of the mentally ill! Our prisons are awash in them, and the cost of such stupidity – shortsightedness – is about $444 BILLION each year … YOUR hard earned money down the drain. We send more than 2 million Americans with mental illness to jail every year!    ...

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