Kalamazoo man who sought return to prison apparently kills himself

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What a coincidence! Just 2 days ago, before seeing this article, I was discussing this problem with the Mom of an inmate! Why have I included this article? Because it describes the plight of many, many more than are reported.  Our prisons are so abysmal and abominable that I have seen inmates commit suicide  … and many more do than ever are reported. As I and others have pointed out, prison officials often lie about “cause of...

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We have an active addict in our White House! It’s True, Folks – kra

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In the glaring lights accompanying TV cameras, one’s pupils become constricted, not dilated … unless you are high on something!  While some experts say that STDs may be the cause for some of tRump’s dysfunction, this too must account for some of it! What I want to know is: where are the “deadly side effects” I am praying for !?! Excerpts from the Article:   Donald Trump takes high dosages of Adderall orally...

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How Some Sheriffs Force Their Inmates Into Medical Debt – It’s Unconscionable and Unconstitutional! – kra

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The law requires prisons to provide adequate health care; and that mandate too often is ignored. The attitude of some of the sheriffs in this article is downright draconian. It is clear to me that some of the sheriffs are violating state law and the Constitution, both of which demand they provide reasonable care.   There is sure to be  a lot of costly litigation over this.   Excerpts from the Article: In Alabama, the county in which you’re...

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California jails use kinder approach to solitary confinement

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See many related articles on this website.  What this article does not tell you, and many do not, is that many, many people are placed in isolation totally illegally, sometimes criminally, to shut them up  … to punish them for filing a grievance or for communicating to the outside world about some abuse or neglect!  I have SEEN it. “Thank you, God, for my strong spirit” … READ It’s not about What They Did to Me...

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Full Arkansas prisons lead to backlog in jails statewide

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The problem is not too much crime; the problem is too much incarceration!  Every state should undertake a comprehensive review of its sentencing laws and send only the most violent people to prison! Addicts and the mentally ill should be given the treatment they need, probation, and other non violent offenders put on reasonable terms of appropriate probation! Excerpts from the Article: “The assignment is a creative non-fiction assignment,...

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Family Sues New Jersey Jail Over Prisoner Suicide

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How many similar reports have I read? 200?400?  Hundreds for sure, hundreds of articles about entirely preventable deaths in America’s prisons. All of it, with the investigations, the cover ups, the lawsuits, costing YOU billions of tax dollars annually! Note that he was in for a VOP  … and READ Letter to Editor or Editorial Submission – What a Monster we Have Created! Probation and Parole 2/19/19 PUBLISHED Excerpts from the...

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