Commentary: For Latinos and Hispanics, voting has consequences

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As my good friend Charito points out, too few latinos and hispanics vote, and her organization and others are uniting to inform them of why they should and to get them out to VOTE!  The Article: By Charito Calvachi-Mateyko As public policies are decided in the halls of the legislature, these become personal matters for Americans of Latino descent. For them, national and local deliberations about immigration, Dreamers, equal rights, health care,...

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Philadelphia Jails to Release Prisoners Earlier in the Day

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This is nothing, unless you are one of tens of millions of Americans with a loved one in prison! Here in DE, they still are just dumping men on the street at 3 or 4 am, with nothing, and DOC does not notify anyone.  🙁  Excerpts from the Article: Independently obtained and analyzed data from April 2017 to April 2018 showed that 73 percent of all prisoners — more than 16,000 in total — were released after Philadelphia jail facilities’ cashier...

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Mississippi Supreme Court Vacates Capital Murder Conviction Obtained With Bite Mark Comparison Evidence

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This is as it should be. I learned very soon in my days as a prosecutor that bite mark evidence is shaky. and there was no way I was going to convict anyone without more evidence. The testimony of the doctor in this case was unusual, and very prejudicial.  The most they are allowed to say (but not anymore with bite marks!) is that the bite marks were “consistent with” the teeth of a suspect. Here, the odonatologist said it was...

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Former correctional officer sentenced to 10 years in federal prison – YAY! – KRA

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This is exactly what must happen to deter these assholes!  READ: Why only PROSECUTION and IMPRISONMENT Will Stop Prison Abuse and Police Abuse! Demand It!! How to Avoid the Deaths of More Prison Guards! Excerpts from the Article: Convicted on one count of possession with intent to distribute marijuana and methamphetamine, a former Georgia correctional officer was recently sentenced to 10 years in federal prison. Her convicted-felon boyfriend...

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Scanners aid prison contraband detection – What a Farce! – kra With Letter to Editor – kra

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Sounds good. Will accomplish damn near nothing! Anyone who knows what really goes on in Delaware D O C, and most prisons in the nation, knows that the overwhelming amount of CONTRABAND entering the facilities is brought in by D O C personnel, not visitors! Articles like this one highlight the fact that officials refuse to acknowledge the heart of the problem: a state agency out of control – D O C!  This expenditure of nearly a million...

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Michigan Settles Sex Abuse Claims by 1,300 Former Juvenile Offenders Housed With Adults for $80 Million

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This is one case in one state, costing YOU tons of money … Nationwide, it is BILLIONS OF DOLLARS each year, because not enough of you raise hell about prison abuse! Excerpts from the Article: On January 29, 2020, the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) agreed to pay $80 million to resolve a class action lawsuit filed by juveniles who were housed in adult facilities where they were allegedly subjected to sexual assault and other...

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