In Vermont, lawmakers lead the way on legalizing recreational pot – Other States Lack Leadership! kra With Letter to Editor

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Ken’s Comments:   Why is it that Vermont is the only state in which the lawmakers have legalized marijuana? It is because legislators in other states are grossly uninformed as to the wasteful cost and harm done by current marijuana policies and as to the benefits of legalization, and they lack the guts to do what flat-out makes sense. But they don’t; they equivocate by saying things like “let’s wait and see what...

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How One Mississippi Teen Went 1,266 Days Behind Bars Before Receiving a Mental Evaluation – Outrageous! kra

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Ken’s Comments:   See my many articles about the problems, and rampant injustice, caused by warehousing our mentally ill in prisons. This is the painfully well documented account of a young man named Tyler, who languished for 48 months in prison before getting the court-ordered mental health evaluation. It also relates the judge’s preposterous ruling that there was “good cause” for the delay, so typical of officials...

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Backfire – Crimes by Prison Guards Cause Crimes by Inmates – kra

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  Backfire 2/8/13 The recent tragic shooting of a Wilmington police officer may well be the result of the lawlessness I have witnessed in Delaware D.O.C. “Guards”, who are law enforcement officers, repeatedly breaking the law, with NO accountability. Theft, assault, writing false reports, witnessed day after day by the prisoners. Think about it. They have seen during their incarceration hundreds of instances of crimes committed by...

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Massachusetts: Reform Legislation Introduced after Study on Solitary Confinement Published

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Ken’s Comments:   Here we see that use of solitary does not reduce violence, and, in fact, decreases public safety.  READ SUBTLE BUT REAL SERIOUS DAMAGE TO SOCIETY caused by the war on drugs. Backfire Effect kra  What most of the authors of articles about solitary confinement don’t know is the real reason that many inmates are put there. What is that reason? Totally illegally, and criminally, guards will manufacture false...

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Five Reasons South Florida’s Pro-Trump Private-Prison Company Is Evil

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Ken’s Comments:   It is no exaggeration to call private prisons “evil”. See scores of articles here on prison abuse. The author of this article reminds us that these atrocious companies (I have SEEN “Correct Care Solutions” in action in Delaware D O C , and they are abominable!) spend millions of dollars in campaign donations, to keep their lucrative contracts coming.  Excerpts from the Article:   You...

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Multiple Lawsuits Allege “Slave Labor” Under Guise of Drug Treatment – A Familiar Abuse, and OUTRAGEOUS! kra

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Ken’s Comments: Another outstanding article from our friends at PLN.  See my previous article on the chicken plant; here we see the abuses and the lawsuits are piling up. I shall inquire with the state judicial ethics Board in a few days, and file a complaint against that judge. YOU should do the same! Speak out and get these fools held accountable!  Write Letters to the Editor!   READ THESE IF YOU WANT TO TAKE A LITTLE TIME TO MAKE...

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