Jail warden resigns, officer arrested after alleged attack on inmate at Ascension Parish jail

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Good for  Sheriff Bobby Webre. For w=every one of these situations where the criminal – the abuser – is held accountable, there are 1,000 where the local authorities “let it slide”. Excerpts from the Article: An Ascension Parish corrections officer has been fired and criminally charged after a video allegedly captured him using excessive force against an inmate inside the parish jail Tuesday. Sheriff Bobby Webre called...

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The Use of Solitary Confinement in Virginia Is Inhumane and Unlawful

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It is nothing short of outrageous the way prison officials abuse solitary confinement and then ignore Court Orders to correct their policies and practices. What most of these articles do not tell you is that solitary is often used to punish, totally illegally, inmates who speak out about the many abuses, as they did with me, keeping me in isolation for 1,510 days, when I should not have been in prison at all for those 4 years! READ It’s...

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NJ marijuana legalization: Would legal weed bill stop cops from searching based on smell? – GREAT idea! – kra

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This is a great idea; fantastic, super-duper, and fabulous, all in one! The law to legalize Pot in N J is still pending, but this provision of it is terrific! Keep in mind: despite the growing wave of legalization of Pot, thousands of people still are arrested for possession annually in every state, and even an arrest without conviction, can destroy one’s life. 99 percent of marijuana busts in New Jersey start with an officer reporting...

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Judge fast-tracks fight over congressional subpoena of Trump financial records – Great! – kra

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This is great, because Idiot in Chief is highly unlikely to win on the legal issues. Even his hand-picked Supreme Court justices will not swallow his bullshit. Excerpts from the Article: Congress and Donald Trump’s fight over his financial records is now on the fast track. Judge Amit Mehta plans next week to weigh the major legal issues raised in President Donald Trump’s challenge of a congressional subpoena for his accounting...

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Prison contractor falsified records to conceal inadequate addiction treatment, sources say – No Surprise to Me! – With Letter to Editor – kra

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This kind of behavior is exactly what I saw and have been complaining about for years.  The f#%@#$g contractors submit a program which looks good on paper, get the deal, worth tens of millions of dollars, and then do damn near nothing. I SAW it, day in and day out. Like so many good articles, this one is lengthy. For many more examples, and a better understanding of the depth of the fraud, click on The Whole Story. I am sending this article to...

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Federal Bureau of Prisons Elects Not to Renew Contract at the Adams County Correctional Center

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This is a little bit of good news in the world of private prisons. CoreCivic Inc. is a total disaster for the inmates they “serve”! They are notorious for their abuse and neglect of inmates. I have omitted most of their self-serving totally false comments from this article. You can read them by opening The Whole Story. It’s bullshit, bullshit, and more bullshit, as all prison reform advocates know all too well.  CCA changed...

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