Why no officers were directly charged for Breonna Taylor’s death

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Unlike most of the recent killings of Blacks by police, there is no good cause for anger – or for prosecution –  against the police in this case. They are not to blame; the system is to blame. They entered with a “no knock warrant”, and when the occupant heard them coming, he opened fire. He fired a shot, not knowing who they were. The problem is with no knock warrants, which should be eliminated, because they almost...

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Government Agencies Expand Use of Private Companies to Bypass Constitution

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This was bound to happen in our age of technology. In this regard, the Constitution has not kept pace with changes in society.  Although this article bristles with hints of dangerous circumventions of Constitutional rights, very, very, few are cited. Excerpts from the Article: U.S. Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”) knows about it and reportedly uses its database to conduct warrantless surveillance. CBP admitted that it uses the database in...

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Parents say Broome County negligent in jail death of 40-year-old son: What the lawsuit says

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Of course it was negligence. Gross negligence, as with scores of other articles I have posted. Wake up, America! Health care in our prisons is a joke, and it is costing YOU BILLIONS of $$$$$$ every year. Read about the needless death of Tom Husar. Unfortunately, his parents are mistaken in thinking that a $5 million verdict will be a deterrent. It won’t; I have seen too many of these! The only possible deterrent is prosecution and...

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New Colorado Law Kills Qualified Immunity for Cops – EVERY State Needs This! – kra

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Certainly a major development, and a move which every state should make, as should the Feds! Excerpts from the Article: Colorado became the first state to pass a law prohibiting law enforcement officers from invoking qualified immunity as a defense when they’re accused in a lawsuit of violating a citizen’s civil rights. Hopefully, the law passed in June will start a trend in other states and lend support to a bill introduced in Congress on June...

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Feds ban solitary confinement for kids in prison, but state juvenile facilities still use isolation

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Studies show that isolation for juveniles is wildly counterproductive. I have seen adults go nuts (start talking to themselves, answering themselves, etc.) and it is worse for juveniles. As for my experience, when guards willfully, maliciously, and criminally kept me in isolation for 415 days … “Thank you, God, for my strong spirit”. Many kids need mental health attention, which is totally lacking in all of our prisons. READ...

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Progressive newcomer defeats Delaware state Senate leader

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To which I say: Hooray!  Too many of the old fogies have been there too long!  🙂 We need new blood and new laws!   Excerpts from the Article: A Black political newcomer campaigning on a progressive platform has defeated the leader of Delaware’s state Senate in a Democratic primary. Social worker Marie Pinkney garnered about 52.4% of the vote in Tuesday’s primary to defeat Senate President Pro Tem David McBride in the 13th Senate district...

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