Inmate acquitted for Feb. 1 riot, murder to sue state

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My friend Steve Hampton, Esq. is doing a great job with holding D O C’s feet to the fire with appropriate lawsuits. Despite overwhelming evidence of abuses, crimes, and unlawful retaliation by D O C personnel and abominable medical neglect by the “health care” contractor for Delaware prisons, all manner of officials, from the governor on down, do NOTHING! I have personally SEEN these abuses, and as a former prosecutor it is...

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Beware of the Backlash Against Reform Prosecutors

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She deserves some sort of “Prosecutor’s Medal of Honor”! As the most powerful element of the criminal justice system, prosecutors are poised to do the most good in terms of needed changes. The pushback discussed here is no surprise to me. For ever 1 person arrested, 29 benefit financially, so much of the opposition comes from those trying to preserve their useless jobs! Excerpts from the Article: A month before Suffolk County...

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Overdoses Prompt Policy Change in Vermont Prisons

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What the head of prisons in Vermont does not say is what EVERYONE who knows the truth knows: most drugs in all prisons are brought in by prison staff! Their policy of amnesty for inmates willing to tell the truth would be great IF it actually led to prosecution of all wrongdoers, including staff! Excerpts from the Article: Two inmates overdosed over the weekend in the Northwest State Correctional Facility in Swanton, prompting corrections...

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My friend Steve is “a little peeved” – My constant condition – kra

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The following are emails from my friend, attorney Steve Hampton, to a reporter working on a story about another trial of several defendants charged with the murder of Mr. Floyd. When I asked Steve if it’s ok to post it, he said sure, and as to “How are you?” he replied: a “little peeved” … about this situation with all the prison abuse, and I said yes, that’s my constant condition. I have been raising...

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“Screen Time” can be hazardous to your well being! – Tablets in Prisons – My 2 cents – kra

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The increasing availability of tablets and internet access (severely restricted) in our prisons is a good thing, except that the contractors involved are over charging, but I just posted a comment online in response to an ad for a new device which, folded, is a phone, opened up, is a tablet with larger screen and keypad: “Groovy! Now the brain-dead American teenagers can waste their lives more readily wherever they go, watching all kinds...

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tRrump’s Disgusting Speech about “the wall” on 1/8/19

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I slept through my alarm and missed Douche Bag’s speech, but here it is (I watched it because I love America). What I expected, but even worse. I did not count the lies, but there were many. The fact is, he’s just a damn racist bigot! That is what drives his comments on immigration, not any concern for your safety! With the work I do, I know “a boatload” about crime and criminals, and that may be his worst lie: (a) what...

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