Ex-warden Nate Cain pleads guilty mid-trial in federal corruption case, just as ex-wife was set to testify – Another Rotten Warden; America is Full of Them! kra

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As I have said so many times: I bet my life that a thorough audit of the wardens of America would result in indictments of at least half of them. They show complete disdain for the law, think they can do whatever they like because they so seldom are held accountable  …. the kickbacks and bribes from prison contractors are pouring into their pockets! Excerpts from the Article: Former Cottonport prison warden Nate Cain abruptly entered a...

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Utah lawmakers pass the ‘clean slate’ bill to automatically clear the criminal records of people who earn an expungement – ALL States Should Do This – kra

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ALL states should do this  … in an even bolder way; include more offenses by increasing eligibility! It’s fair and it makes sense. Here in Delaware, as in too many other states, getting a “clean slate” (expungement, pardon) is a complicated and costly process! It looks like the waiting periods were pulled out of thin air; they should be shortened. Studies show that if an ex offender is not arrested within 3 years, the...

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Does anyone doubt that Donald Trump inspired the New Zealand massacre? Trump didn’t pull the trigger in Christchurch. But the man who did praised him as a symbol of “white identity”

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The fact is that we have an inept, rich, ignorant, dangerous, racist in our White House. As the leader of the greatest nation on earth (America still is, despite all the damage done by tRump!) his influence is world-wide. His hate-filled rhetoric and policies are responsible for countless hate crimes, race and sex crimes, and I shall not waste time arguing such an obvious point. I won more than 600 or 700 trials ( I never kept count, but I do...

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Report Shows 50 New York Prisoners Died from Inadequate Medical Care in Last Five Years – The Real Number is Much Higher – kra

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Based on my vast experience I would bet my life that the real number is at least double that in 5 years!  They lie about cause of death, they falsify reports, and they do all they can to cover up the atrocious neglect. READ Culture of Cover Up!  Culture of Cover Up – Prison Abuse Excerpts from the Article: A 2018 report by a New York State medical review board charged with reviewing prisoner deaths determined that at least 50 state...

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Prosecutors drop most remaining cases in fatal prison riot – The whole prosecution was a circus – kra

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A T V reporter (WBOC) just interviewed me about this decision … see link below.. This was the right move by Kathy Jennings, our new A G. She’s a smart gal and she sees the handwriting on the wall. Although I know from all my contacts that Floyd, the murdered guard, was very abusive, killing him was not the answer. But the fact is that the State does not know who really is responsible, so they “threw shit against the...

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Dover police chief eyes new strategy to fight violent crime

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The best way to reduce crime is to end our war on drugs! READ the many articles on this subject. This is an inescapable TRUTH! For practical reasons, that is not something individual cities or states can do.  Here is one thing they CAN do! READ Crime Prevention Bill   Excerpts from the Article: A 30 percent increase in violent crime in the city of Dover in 2018 has spurred Police Chief Marvin Mailey to institute changes to the Dover Police...

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