State admits recording jail conversations between defense lawyers and clients – Blatantly Illegal! kra

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Ken’s Comments:   They do whatever the hell they want to do, like blatantly violate inmates’ rights in this way, because they so seldom are held accountable! Lock them UP!   Excerpts from the Article:   For four years, a tucked-away monitoring system in a certain visitation room at the Anchorage jail recorded conversations between attorneys and their clients — defendants in criminal court – without anyone knowing. Now...

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Interracial wedding led to NW Florida inmate’s brutal beating – Imprison the Guards! kra

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Ken’s Comments:   Just another day in paradise in America’s prisons, where this sort of senseless attack happens every day, and will until the offenders are imprisoned.      Excerpts from the Article:   U.S. Attorney’s trial brief indicates the incident stemmed from an interracial pre-wedding photo shoot between the inmate and his fiancée. PANAMA CITY — An interracial marriage inside the walls of a Sneads prison...

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Criminal justice system policies are changing for the better – by Ken Abraham – PUBLISHED

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Ken’s Comments:   This editorial was PUBLISHED in the Delaware State News of 1/16/18, P A4.  You should look into the goings on of the Board of Pardons in YOUR state, and then use this as a guide to either praise them, or, if they still “deny, deny, deny”, to shame them in the press!      Criminal justice system policies are changing for the better – By Ken Abraham The Delaware State News has printed many...

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The remarkable rehabilitation of Matthew Charles makes a case for prosecutorial discretion – The Need for Prosecutors with Sense! kra

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Ken’s Comments:   Here we see another absurdity of current drug laws, and we are reminded that the prosecutors have the ability to avoid and to correct many injustices. READ also How Bad Prosecutors Cause Bad Policing – Good analysis and Some GREAT Ideas to Inject More Fairness Into the System.    Excerpts from the Article:   Matthew Charles went home to Nashville in 2016 after 20 years in federal prison. He found a...

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2017 was Mexico’s deadliest year. Will Sessions marijuana policy make the violence worse?

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Ken’s Comments:   Yes, current drug policies are only increasing crime. Drug violence surely will spike if  Jeff Sessions gets his way and cracks down on marijuana. I remind you again: Alcohol did not create Al Capone, prohibition did!     Excerpts from the Article:   While recreational pot markets are bracing for a potential crackdown stemming from orders by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, former law enforcement...

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I Can’t Help Myself! :) Who among you wants to organize “The Ten Million Americans March”?!

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  Donald Trump Denies Calling Countries ‘Shithole’ While Continuing To Insult Them I try to stay focused on criminal justice, and not comment on politics. But this is not politics, it is right and wrong, bigotry or tolerance. I, for one, will not remain silent in the face of such a monumental threat to the very fiber of our nation. Countless lies, mean-spirited policies, down right ignorant comments, and now this! So …Who among you...

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