Chief Justice extends Judicial Emergency until June 13

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While the wheels of injustice never stop, the wheels of justice move ever more slowly. I do believe (based on filings during the past 3 months which have gotten NO response) that many judges are simply loafing.   ACTUAL WHEEL OF JUSTICE IN MOST OF AMERICA’S COURTS! THIS ONE WAS PHOTOGRAPHED IN A FAMILY COURT. Excerpts from the Article: In consultation with the other members of the Supreme Court on Thursday, Delaware Supreme Court...

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Inmates at N.J. Women’s Prison Endured Years of Sex Abuse, Justice Dept. Finds The assaults violated prisoners’ constitutional protections, investigators said, demanding that the prison immediately address the problems.

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Another good reason why many prison officials should be on the other side of the bars! Sex between guards and inmates is never consensual, for the guards have total power over the inmates. I am not holding my breath for officials to improve the situation. More of them need to be arrested! They need to lock up more officials, including some at the top! Excerpts from the Article: Inmates at New Jersey’s only state prison for women were regularly...

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Letter to Editor or Commentary – Appreciate Reporters! 3/4/20 – kra PUBLISHED 3/7/20

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I suggest that YOU speak out on whatever concerns you. For me it is criminal justice and prison problems. You? “Take the politics out of politicians”?  Stop raising my taxes? Streamline government red tape? Improve our schools? Whatever it is, speak out. Reporters may or may not interview you and write a story on it, but you don’t need to wait for that.   Here is what you should do. And thank your “lucky...

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Bill to reinstate death penalty announced – Dumbass Idea! – kra

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This is one dumbass idea. Why? READ Death Penalty Letter to the Editor = Death row inmates exonerated =  Vengeance is not sufficient as a reason when it causes such radical, irreversible, manifest injustice!   Excerpts from the Article: Lawmakers on Wednesday filed legislation to reinstate the death...

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Florida Supreme Court rules convicted felons must pay fines, fees before voting – BAD Decision! – kra

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This is one PISS POOR DECISION, and I was not happy to see this headline.  As you can see in the Article, given the fucked up state of the law in Florida, the court had not much choice. Made by judges who have NO idea how difficult it is to bounce back financially after being locked up for years. Sheeeeeit, it has been 8 years for me and I still need to beg for money occasionally! Although Florida voters, using common sense, passed a referendum...

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Under secret Stephen Miller plan, ICE to use data on migrant children to expand deportation efforts -No Surprise! – SECRET, Because the Bastards Knew it was Illegal! – kra

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This is no surprise, Miller is the weasel behind tRump’s most cruel policies – i.e. putting little children in cages, ripped from their parents with NO plan in pace as to how or when to reunite them! We must get this tyrant out of our White House! Thank God for our Freedom of the Press, which tRump would love to quash, or we would never have known about this  … and what else?! Remember this comes from tRump, who has NO respect...

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