Unlicensed Interns to Perform Psych Tests on Utah Prisoners – Absurd! – kra

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As you know, I get calls daily from inmates, probationers, and their families about these “counselors. READ We Need to Know! – So called “counselors” are, in fact, too often mean spirited little bullies, just like prison guards – kra   This idea is a disaster and a mountain of lawsuits waiting to happen! Excerpts from the Article: According to October 2018 news reports, Utah’s Department of Corrections wants to pay...

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Congressional Report Finds Misconduct by BOP Administrators Often Ignored – No Surprise to Me – FED ABUSE – kra

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This concerns federal prisons, which, generally speaking, are run better than state prisons.  That’s not saying a whole lot because too many state prisons are simply state agencies which are wildly out of control! The Congress should crack down on this problem! READ Prison Abuse – Why Massive Indifference is a Massive Mistake – kra Excerpts from the Article: A memorandum from the House Subcommittee on National Security,...

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Supreme Court’s Death Penalty Ruling Leaves Legal Experts Aghast – Awful Decision! – kra

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This is the character of the judges tRump is appointing. Downright appalling. Excerpts from the Article: Critics on Tuesday said the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in a case brought by a Missouri death row inmate fundamentally erodes protections against torture enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. Justice Neil Gorsuch wrote the opinion for the court’s right-wing majority in the 5-4 decision, ruling that Russell Bucklew can be executed by lethal...

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Trump told CBP agents in Calexico, California to ignore the law and courts – Impeach the Fool!

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As further evidence of his criminal mentality, tRump blatantly ordered immigration officials to ignore the law, to violate the law. If that is not grounds for impeachment, along with attempted obstruction of justice and campaign finance crimes, I don’t know what is. This guy is dangerous to our nation! DANGEROUS!   The Article: Last Friday, the President visited Calexico, California, where he said, “We’re full, our...

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Built with rehabilitation in mind, Texas state jails are now viewed by lawmakers as a “complete failure”

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True of virtually ALL of America’s prisons: they FAIL to rehabilitate, to help addicts, to keep us safer!  See articles here under “prison abuse” and read what the Nordic countries do. THAT works! Read the article to see how the “tough on crime” bullshit of the past 45 years totally screwed up the system. While we do not necessarily need more people on probation or parole...

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Probation and Parole – a short Essay by Ken Abraham – With Letter to the Editor or Editorial Submission

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Yes! The Letter is PUBLISHED at the top of page A4  of The Delaware State News of 3/15/19 https://delawarestatenews.net/opinion/what-a-monster-we-have-created-in-justice-system/ And in 7 other papers across the country that I know of! UPDATE 4/22/19 – this has reached hundreds of thousands of readers and I have gotten phenomenal positive responses in the form of emails and phone calls!  🙂  You can google oodles of articles about this, and...

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