Five Reasons South Florida’s Pro-Trump Private-Prison Company Is Evil

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Ken’s Comments:   It is no exaggeration to call private prisons “evil”. See scores of articles here on prison abuse. The author of this article reminds us that these atrocious companies (I have SEEN “Correct Care Solutions” in action in Delaware D O C , and they are abominable!) spend millions of dollars in campaign donations, to keep their lucrative contracts coming.  Excerpts from the Article:   You...

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Trump Administration Kills Obama’s Forensic Evidence Reliability Reform Efforts – Sessions. ” Backgress” kra

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Ken’s Comments:   This is nearly as stupid as Sessions’ recent repeal of sensible marijuana policies (don’t interfere with states’ rights). What good can possibly come from this move?! And as a former prosecutor I add: SHAME on the National District Attorneys Association. For the umpteenth time I remind you that the prosecutor’s job is to be fair, to do justice!   Excerpts from the Article:   Less...

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Politics Has No Role In the Justice System! Our Constitution Demands it, by Establishing Three Branches of Government. kra

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This video shows the profound truth that politics should have no role in our justice system. I watched every minute of the Watergate Hearings. Every minute of it. It was the summer of 1973 and I was studying for the Bar Exam. So I watched the hearings, crammed for the Bar Exam during the commercials, and made audio tapes of my notes from law school, which I played in my sleep! What a fantastic education on Constitutional law it was. What a...

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Sessions Says to Courts: Go Ahead, Jail People Because They’re Poor – Sessions – Another Outrage – kra

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Ken’s Comments:   This is another move in the wrong direction. While I certainly do not advocate “big government”, it seems to me that the Department of Justice should lead in policies which produce justice! This excellent article was written by Chiraag Bains (@chiraagbains) is a former senior counsel in the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division. He is now a senior fellow at Harvard Law School’s Criminal Justice...

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Jails and Prisons Are Ending In-Person Visits

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Ken’s Comments:   Like so many problems with the system, this one is fueled by greed. Remember, for every 1 person arrested 29 people benefit financially, and damn few are doing anything to benefit the individual or society!  All studies show that in-person visits reduce recidivism and cause improved behaviour in the inmate while incarcerated. This is another step in the wrong direction. Claims that this increasing trend is justified...

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WeedWeek for the Week of 12/16/17 = ALL the Pot News!

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Business, Politics, Criminal Justice, Health and Science … WeedWeek covers these topics and more with about 100 articles every week! Alex does a tremendous job, making it THE source for news about marijuana laws and policies. Each week there are several great articles I would like to highlight here, but time is my constraint. This week I highlight TWO:   The Myth of the Playground Pusher – In Tennessee and around the country,...

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