Sessions fires former FBI Deputy Director McCabe – Politics has NO place in criminal justice! kra

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Ken’s Comments:   If  you don’t think the firing of Mr. McCabe two days before his scheduled retirement was politically motivated, you don’t know what’s going on. For months, tRump has agitated for his dismissal. tRump’ lawyer recently called for an end to investigations regarding tRump. Just before the firing, the president’s spokeswoman called McCabe a”bad actor”! The only one telling us...

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Federal prison workers hope ‘three billboards’ will help them fight Trump’s budget cuts

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Ken’s Comments:   tRump does not understand at all the need for criminal justice reform. Here we see that his ill-conceived budget cuts pose a real danger to B O P staff. While most inmates are not violent, there are plenty who will, and do, attack staff.   Excerpts: If it worked for Hollywood, federal prison workers hope it works for them. Prison union officials are adopting the theme of the Oscar-winning movie Three Billboards...

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Is Nothing Sacred? kra Parkland Shooting Victims Called “Paid Actors” – Letter to the Editor – kra

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Letter to the Editor – Is nothing sacred? – 2/24/18 Is nothing sacred? The tragic slaying of 17 innocent people, most of them children? What do the right-wing nutty gun people and Republicans do in response to the heinous murder of 17 people? Do they roll their sleeves up and try to solve the problem? Do they praise the youngsters now energized to prevent future mass murders? No, they spread lies. They attack the victims and...

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Five Reasons South Florida’s Pro-Trump Private-Prison Company Is Evil

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Ken’s Comments:   It is no exaggeration to call private prisons “evil”. See scores of articles here on prison abuse. The author of this article reminds us that these atrocious companies (I have SEEN “Correct Care Solutions” in action in Delaware D O C , and they are abominable!) spend millions of dollars in campaign donations, to keep their lucrative contracts coming.  Excerpts from the Article:   You...

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Trump Administration Kills Obama’s Forensic Evidence Reliability Reform Efforts – Sessions. ” Backgress” kra

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Ken’s Comments:   This is nearly as stupid as Sessions’ recent repeal of sensible marijuana policies (don’t interfere with states’ rights). What good can possibly come from this move?! And as a former prosecutor I add: SHAME on the National District Attorneys Association. For the umpteenth time I remind you that the prosecutor’s job is to be fair, to do justice!   Excerpts from the Article:   Less...

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