Florida Senate president’s new job with private prison operator doesn’t surprise advocates

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They do this all over the country; this is how private prisons, the worst development in the last 40 years, have weaseled their way into the system. Excerpts from the Article:   When news that Florida’s outgoing state Senate President, Joe Negron, took a job with the massive private prison operator Geo Group, it did not come as a shock to criminal justice reform advocates. “I hate to be cynical like this, but it’s not a...

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions resigns at Trump’s request

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Here come the fireworks. The House should immediately send to the D O J a statement requiring them to preserve any and all evidence, written or recorded or other, in the Mueller investigation! Whitaker has already suggested that the D O J budget be slashed so that Mueller could not continue!  These fools are out of control*. Legal Bozo that Sessions is, he will be remembered for this wise statement: “As long as I am the Attorney General, I will...

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U.S. militia groups head to border, stirred by Trump’s call to arms

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This is just what we need! NOT! There are proper and adequate laws, policies, and protection devices and procedures already in place! This is more very dangerous BULLSHIT stirred p by tRump, who, by doing so, shows that he has no confidence in our courts or our laws … neither of which he understands. Excerpts from the Article: Gun-carrying civilian groups and border vigilantes have heard a call to arms in President Trump’s warnings about...

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PLRA’s Administrative Remedies Requirement Tolls Limitations Time but Not Accrual Time

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The Prison Litigation Reform Act was enacted to face the avalanche of  lawsuits concerning prison abuse. It contains several obstacles making it difficult for inmates to win such cases. Since prison abuse is such a huge and continuing problem, the lawsuits kept coming. So now judges and prosecutors routinely ignore the laws and misstate the facts, to make such cases “go away”! In my book, still months away from completion, I call it...

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Paper Mail Still Matters to People Behind Bars Pennsylvania’s prisons have started digitizing letters, to prisoners’ chagrin.

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Another terrible policy in America’s prisons! I suggest that unless you have been kept, UNLAWFULLY, in a 8′ by 13′ concrete box with a steel door, for 1510 days, as I was, you do not know the depth of the meaning of these words: ““When I hold a letter from my children, my mother, my niece, or my man, there is a connectedness that I feel just seeing their handwriting. I won’t feel that with a lightly photocopied version....

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Florida: Federal Prison Guard Sentenced for Accepting Bribe

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Good. They need prison time every time! The case was prosecuted by Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert E. Bodnar, Jr. God Bless him! READ How to avoid the deaths of prison guards and inmates  For every crooked guard like this one, there are 1,000 who get away with it every day!   Excerpts from the Article: Fohittemore accepted his guilty plea for taking a bribe as a public official.rmer FCC Coleman guard Albert Larry Harris, Jr., 27, was...

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