It is vital to get someone off of probation or parole as soon as possible – early, before their full sentence runs.  Why? To get them out of the system! To get them out from under the boot that can violate them and send them back to prison, sometimes for years!* The fact is that 2 out of 3 people entering jail or prison are going back  – for a violation of probation or parole! Sometimes they have committed a new crime, but often not; their P O violated them for being 5 minutes late for curfew! You don’t have to be one of them.

If you know someone on probation or parole, anywhere in America, you should call me. I can tell you in less than 5 minutes whether they have a chance to do this.

*For every one person arrested, twenty-nine benefit financially. One of them is your P O. Hence, it is job security for them to violate you and keep you in the system! Now, some of the P Os are reasonable people, but far too many are just assholes. They will violate you for being ten minutes late for curfew, or for drinking a beer (almost all probationers are on “zero tolerance” for alcohol).

I have helped hundreds of people to get off of probation early. I’ve helped at least 200 at DIMH do it, and I’ve had only two such motions denied.

So, if you know anyone on probation or parole, in any state, don’t just sit there, call me. I’ll explain it all, answer any questions, at no cost.