Our friend from LinkedIn, John Romine, called me to discuss this idea   … “does it make sense”  … and I said sure!

There are many reasons to ban the death penalty. READ: Death Penalty Letter to the Editor

Write a Letter to the Editor something like the one below!  Send it to the largest 3 newspapers in each state with the death penalty!

READ this to see how to do the letter: READ IT!
Practical Tip – Get Empowered! How YOU Can Create a Powerful, Effective Force for Reform of our Criminal Justice System


Sample Letter:

Letter to the Editor – Boycott Murderous States (or any title you want to give it) – … DATE

You should know that hundreds of thousands of us are boycotting states which still have the death penalty, because it is so unfair (we are killing innocent people) and it accomplishes nothing.  READ this to see all of the reasons: http://www.citizensforcriminaljustice.net/death-penalty-letter-editor/ 

We urge all Americans to do NO business with death penalty states. NONE! Do not visit them, buy nothing from their residents, and spread the word on why you are doing this!

Here is the map showing death penalty states: https://deathpenalty.procon.org/view.resource.php?resourceID=001172 

We must restore justice to the justice system, not merely scream for vengeance. There is great power in numbers; encourage the spread of this boycott!

Ken Abraham, former Deputy Attorney General, founder of Citizens for Criminal JUSTICE, Dover, DE 302-423-4067


See the Map:

30 States with the Death Penalty and 20 States with Death Penalty Bans