Backfire 2/8/13

The recent tragic shooting of a Wilmington police officer may well be the result of the lawlessness I have witnessed in Delaware D.O.C. “Guards”, who are law enforcement officers, repeatedly breaking the law, with NO accountability. Theft, assault, writing false reports, witnessed day after day by the prisoners. Think about it. They have seen during their incarceration hundreds of instances of crimes committed by “law enforcement “…. – COs,- with ZERO accountability. COs enter prisoners’ cells and tear up grievances, legal papers, steal property … never mind the actual physical brutality so manifest at SVOP in Sussex County, Delaware. THIS ONLY DEEPENS DISRESPECT AND CONTEMPT FOR THE LAW. Sure, many are hopelessly antisocial when they enter, but many more are greatly frustrated and deeply angered by these constant abuses. They develop a deep and abiding hatred for authority, and they come out ready to kill cops.

We see the same hatred when guards throw inmates into isolation cells for weeks, months, or years (1,510 days in my case) because they filed a grievance or spoke out about prison abuse. READ Culture of Cover Up 

The problem is that NOBODY cares; “it’s just prison”. Well, they should care: 96% of prisoners will be released. I have no doubt whatsoever that if prison officials simply did their jobs properly- used the ample adequate measures already in place to control the prisons, there would be far fewer such attacks. Lawlessness (crimes!) by COs has a “backfire” effect. As I have seen the abuses, I have seen the inmates’ reactions. They are bitter, angry, extraordinarily frustrated, and more disposed to all manner of crime, including violence. Prison reform is long overdue.
KRA 2/8/13
Months later we saw some fools shooting into homes in Sussex County and in Maryland, where they saw police cars parked, because they came out of prison “mad at cops”!