Digital Jail: How Electronic Monitoring Drives Defendants Into Debt Ankle bracelets are promoted as a humane alternative to jail. But private companies charge defendants hundreds of dollars a month to wear the surveillance devices. If people can’t pay, they may end up behind bars. This is a HUGE nationwide problem – kra

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Whether state operated, or implemented by the predatory private prison companies that have entered this arena, this is a huge, nationwide problem. Huge. The private prison companies are very clever at enhancing their blood-sucking revenue, and Courts – judges – have been all too willing to go along.  There are many issues involved here: racism, the problem of having  judges elected, instead of appointed, in many states, “sex...

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Calif.’s Mental Health Campaign Seems to Have Worked — People who saw programming more likely to have received treatment, survey finds

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In dealing with the fact that our prisons have become the new mental health facilities in America, and all of the abuse and neglect coming from that, my friend and colleague, great lawyer Stephen Hampton, Esq., sees the suffering behind the lost $444 Billion annually which the neglect of our mentally ill costs us. Yes, $444 Billion! He sent me this article; open The Whole Story to see more details. Excerpts from the Article: A social marketing...

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Acosta Defends His Role in Brokering Jeffrey Epstein Plea Deal – What a Load of B S! – With Letter to the Editor – kra

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To the untrained ear, Acosta’s hour-long defense of his handling of the Epstein case may have seemed to make sense. To any good attorney familiar with state and federal criminal law, it obviously was a crock of shit!  He was and is trying to protect tRump from …. what?!… tRump’s involvement in the rapes and debauchery.  Let us briefly address what he said: There weren’t enough victim witnesses to convict at trial. ...

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Study: Technology Creates and Embeds Bias in the Criminal Justice System

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This excellent article from our friends at the Human Rights Defense Center reminds us that the criminal justice system is biased and racist [I have written/posted scores of articles on that] and that new developments must be carefully monitored to ensure accountability.  This technology certainly presents much opportunity for abuse, and I say beat the drum to get it REGULATED!  I cannot afford a subscription to CLN, but every now and then I get...

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Canada pension fund quietly divests from US migrant detention firms – Good! – kra

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This is good news because, as I so often have pointed out, such “detention centers” are the worst prisons in America.  Below I am seen speaking on this very topic about 4 years ago, in a presentation which was an eye-opener for the assembled crowd and the reporters.   Excerpts from the Article: One of Canada’s biggest pension funds has quietly divested from two private prison operators responsible for the detention of thousands...

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