First Anniversary of the Parkland Shooting – Short Essay by Ken Abraham – 2/14/19

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Today is the first anniversary of the horrid Parkland shooting. It coincides with Valentine’s Day. For the love of our children, we need changes! 17 dead kids, 17 more people injured, BECAUSE of (1) America’s long-standing neglect of our mentally ill and (2) the Supreme Court did not understand the words “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State” in the 2d Amendment … or they simply...

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Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman convicted: Notorious drug lord once deemed Chicago’s Public Enemy No. 1

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Guilty on all counts and he will die of old age in prison. Although sentencing is in June, one of the charges requires a mandatory life term, and if he wins an appeal – highly unlikely – the government will try him again.  He is done. But you tell me: Did this case, costing millions of dollars, slow any drug distribution in America? Hell no. Alcohol did not create Al Capone … prohibition did!  I nearly laughed out loud when I...

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CORIZON, THE PRISON HEALTHCARE GIANT, STUMBLES AGAIN The company recently lost its contract with Arizona after allegations of serious—and sometimes fatal—medical neglect that have echoes across the country.

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Corizon harms more people than it helps! That’s no exaggeration; if you had seen their operations you would know what a disgrace they are to medical professionals. Excerpts from the Article: By the time Walter Jordan began radiation therapy on July 21, 2017, his skin cancer had already eaten through his skull and spread to his brain, according to a doctor who later reviewed the medical files. Jordan, who was incarcerated in a state prison...

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Lawsuit claims deputies “literally watched” New York inmate die – In prison only 17 days … now DEAD! -kra

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Another instance of atrocious “health care”. In prison for only 17 days, another youngster now dead, leaving another distraught mother and investigations, which, if history is any indication, will not hold accountable the many people who should be prosecuted. And YOU are paying the millions of dollars in costs that will ensue from this preventable death, because you do not speak out about these practices! Excerpts from the Article:...

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Letter to the Editor: The time has come for recreational cannabis

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It is just a matter of time, but the time is NOW! Yes, our governor echos the same dumb comments made by some legislators. The Letter: I attended the Smyrna Town Hall meeting on Jan. 30 and asked our governor about the potential for legalization/regulation of cannabis in the First State. What I heard in response, though, left me with cold. He seemed to ignore any financial benefits of a well-designed program that could bring much-needed funds...

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