Letter from a concerned citizen, Pam Rehmer, about racism in the criminal justice system.

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A friend of mine in Massachusetts sent me this letter [she should send it out as a Letter to the Editor, perhaps with the introductory sentence being “I am writing to increase awareness of a major problem in our criminal justice system”] and I include it here because racism is a major problem in the system. Although polls show that 74% of Americans don’t think the system is racist, many, many studies show that it is. Read...

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End Immunity For The Dirty Prosecutor – Absolutely! kra

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Ken’s Comments:   As you know, having been a prosecutor, one of my pet peeves is bad ones! This article advocates what I have been saying for years; end their immunity! It’s simple: the job of the prosecutor is to be fair. We have seen too many gone amok, engaging in deliberate wrongdoing, and they must be held accountable! Nobody is above the law! This article mentions Bar Association discipline as a possible solution, but...

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Conor Lamb wins Secial election.Dump Trump: He is a disaster for our criminal justice system. kra

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I post this because:  Every patriot has a duty to speak out against this fool we have elected President. and 2. tRump is a disaster for our criminal justice system. tRump spent over an hour at that rally in PA, trying to defeat Lamb. Of course, the pompous fool spent 95% of the time talking about himself. Well, a clear message has been sent. What is that message? “You, Mr. President, are an incompetent, pompous fool, incapable of...

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Abolish the “Sex Offender” Registry! Learn the FACTS instead of all the “Sex Offender Hysteria” kra

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Before you freak out, realize that we all want to keep kids safe. Our “sex offender hysteria” laws are not doing that. READ articles on this issue to get the facts! The FACTS, not all the BS out there! This video is a good summary of why we should not “tweak” the registry, but should abolish it! Watch this...

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Practical Tip – You Cannot Rely on Prison Records! Can NOT- kra

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You cannot rely on prison records. They screw them up all the time, as they do so much else! I have seen thousands – yes, thousands – of prison-prepared documents which are wrong. Whether it is the “status sheet”, records of classes/programs taken, record of a “detainer”, medical records … whatever it is … you cannot trust it! Sometimes this is deliberate, most often it is sloppiness. If you need...

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