Oklahoma Enacts Jailhouse Informant Law, Joins Other States

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Every state should have such a law. There are many causes for wrongful convictions, but this is a big one. Excerpts from the Article: A new law enacted in Oklahoma will crack down on unreliable jailhouse informants who testify against others in exchange for lenience in their own cases and sometimes for other benefits. The law was sponsored by Senator Julie Daniels and Representative Chris Kannady, making Oklahoma the third state to enact...

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Family of man killed by Vallejo police in June files federal lawsuit

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This Article was sent to me by my good friend and great lawyer, Steve Hampton.  If you know anyone who got coronavirus in any prison in America, you should call Steve! Here we see more bad cops, and the all too familiar attempts to lie about what really happened. They need to be PROSECUTED. Excerpts from the Article: The family of a 22-year-old San Francisco man who was shot and killed by a Vallejo officer at a local Walgreens in June has filed...

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Kan. prison operator to pay for illegally recorded phone calls

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They knew it was wrong; they did it anyway. Private prisons are the worst mistake since the beginning of the war on drugs.  Obama saw this and was getting them out; tRump brought them back because they donated HUGE sums to his campaign. Excerpts from the Article: The operator of a privately run federal prison in Kansas and its phone provider have agreed to pay $3.7 million to settle a lawsuit filed by attorneys who alleged that calls with their...

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Commentary: If you have to ask what Black Lives Matter is, then you really don’t care

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This article by Mr. Bethel is an interesting discussion of some of the issues involved with Black Lives Matter. I don’t agree with some of what he says about the Constitution, and I shall ask him about that when (if) we meet. I am trying to track him down.  He surely is spot on with this remark: “Black lives didn’t matter in the beginning, from 1619, through slavery, through the Jim Crow laws, and no, Black lives don’t matter to...

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Mississippi ICE raids: Feds announce 4 managers charged in chicken plant investigations

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This is just more of tRump’s racist anti immigrant bullshit. Most people harmed by these “raids” and prosecutions have committed no crime, except to seek the American dream.  They work hard, support families back home, and contrary to tRump’s pronouncements, are not “criminals  and racists, the worst of the worst”.  WHAT A WASTE OF POLICE RESOURCES! READ Letter to the Editor or Op Ed Submission – The...

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