Another IDIOT JUDGE! Andrea L. Rocanelli – yes, that’s the one.

My good friend, Paul, whom I met in prison, just called me to say that the judge has scheduled a hearing for tomorrow to increase his probation. He was due to get off probation the next day, the 21st. I have seen since her involvement in his case that the new judge, Andrea L. Rocanelli, on Superior Court, is a moron. I was at an earlier hearing, where she did not know “which end is up”, and, unfortunately, I did not get a chance to speak.

I told Paul that is bullshit, she cannot legally increase your sentence. The law is crystal clear on this and I learned it while helping so many inmates while I was “down”.

During the call Paul put me on hold to get a message from the A G’s office. They sent a note to the judge informing her that she cannot do it, so now the hearing is off.

Paul is working, has 2 cars, has a home, and wouldn’t molest anyone … he is doing great. This is just more “sex offender hysteria” topped off by IDIOT JUDGE! I mean, Holy Shittlola, the judge has 2 or 3 law clerks at her disposal and should have known this!