Two days ago one of our papers printed this Letter:  (See my response, below!)

The article prompting my response:

AG’s priorities should focus on Delaware

While Delaware is battling the COVID-19, our intrepid Attorney General has decided to “tilt at windmills” by suing 31 fossil fuel companies for their allegedly deceptive and negligent conduct toward “the people of Delaware” in matters of climate change. Although the only available precedent is an adverse ruling by a New York federal court, Attorney Kathy General Jennings believes that she can forum-shop her way to victory in Delaware Superior Court in her “straightforward damages suit.” However, there is nothing “straightforward” about it: liability is questionable, and damages are highly speculative.

Rather than launching such high-profile gambits at taxpayer expense, Jennings should consider more prudent actions for the Department of Justice to take during the pandemic. First, conduct active oversight over Delaware regulatory agencies, to avoid such embarrassments as the knowing failure of Delaware public health officials to take action against a massive Sussex County event that violated the Governor’s COVID emergency order. Second, ensure the vigorous prosecution of all persons who engage in random violence and street crime while law enforcement resources are stretched to the limit. Third, reduce the burden on overcrowded Delaware prisons by working with legislators to decriminalize minor drug offenses.

— Vernon Proctor, Bethel


Letter to the Editor – Just a political hit job! – 9/17/20

A Letter recently was published criticizing our AG, Kathleen Jennings, for joining several other AGs in suing 31 fossil fuel companies for the damage they are doing and the harm they are causing our citizens. Can you say “pollution”?!

The author suggests that instead, the AG should focus on a, b, and c. Well, Duh dear author, Kathy Jennings IS focused on and working on a, b, and c!  So we see here a letter by a disgruntled writer who does not know the facts, and lashes out at the AG. We are lucky to have the AG we have; she has made some tough (unpopular in some quarters) decisions, but she has always “done the right thing”! It is part of her job to protect us from unlawful pollution.

Such letters can only be called a political hit job, a cheap shot. Facts are facts, and should be stated to counter such nonsense.

Ken Abraham, Dover, DE, Former prosecutor and founder of Citizens for Criminal JUSTICE, 302-423-4067


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This letter was published in both of our state’s largest papers, and perhaps others around the nation which I do not know about:


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