A couple of Friday goodies for your entertainment:

It’s another Friday

It’s another Friday, so I shall be at the shelter,
Where things are simultaneously orderly and helter skelter,
I get bombarded with questions – from “I got this notice – how can I keep my license?”,
To “I got these new charges, can you give me some guidance?”
Lucky for them I can solve the problem 99% of the time,
As I do on every Tuesday and Friday morning of mine,
Those days I am with the homeless, on the other days, here on the phone,
Helping the others of you with even more serious troubles, with the skills I have honed,
Thanks, God, for such great and thorough (though painful) preparation!
For of all the super and enjoyable jobs I have had, this is my favorite preoccupation.*
kra 1/8/16

* It’s not an “occupation” because I help for free [unless it is a ton of work like a Pardon or Clemency (sentence reduction) … then I charge a relatively small fee!]

Friday, and at least I can get about,
My back isn’t making me want to shout,
It is just a bit sore, and that’s no big deal,
Good thing too, because my work backup is the size of an elephant seal,
But I am back in action, with all of my zeal,
So by Monday I’ll have that down to the size of a daisy wheel,
I might even do a cartwheel!
Kra 5/20/16
Friday the 13th!

It is Friday the 13th, my lucky day!
I wonder what good fortune may come my way!
What? I am so unbelievably fortunate to be in the situation I am,
To wish for anything more I’d be an insane man,
I’ve been very near death; I’ve been tested severely,
Yet today, in every way, I see quite clearly,
Now if I could only beat this little compulsion to rhyme,
I know that I would be just fine.

April of 2018
It’s Friday!

It’s Friday, the day I can wrap up my work for the week,
And then work all weekend, for it is justice we seek.
We seek it for those with no voice, the homeless, the minorities, the prisoners, both bold and the meek,
Yes, that is what I love to do, for I have seen so much injustice, I know solutions to the problems, sometimes my blood boils at its peak,
But I focus on solutions, on actions that work,
There’s no sense floundering around with mere guesswork,
We must get RESULTS! 🙂
KRA 4/6/18
READ DO WHAT WORKS, DO WHAT WORKS!!!! 🙂 Jeeeeez! How to Make Changes. Get Results. https://lnkd.in/d43fWYM
Friday Counseling

It will be my final formal Friday with the homeless in Reentry on the 26th,
And over the years hundreds I have helped with getting life “fixed”,
Now, I won’t cease entirely, will always solve legal problems when possible because nobody else will,
And I enjoy using that part of my God-given skill,
But I am phasing out some work, slowing down just a tad,
While saying “Thank you, God, for all the experience I have had”,
And remember … if you need a Commutation or a Pardon, I’m the guy to call,
Can’t guarantee success (nobody can), but I’ll give it my all.
Now … go to our website, www.citizensforcriminaljustice.net and see how YOU can fight injustice, ya’ll!
kra 2/18/16