THIS is what our “war on drugs” gets  us.  Did this help make anyone safe? Hell NO! Did this reduce the flow of drugs on the streets? Hell NO!

Alcohol did not create Al Capone, prohibition did!

Pray for the injured cops to heal and for politicians to get some wisdom!

Excerpts from the Article:

Veteran narcotics officers broke down the door of a suspected drug den in southeast Houston Monday afternoon, armed with a warrant and hoping to arrest heroin dealers operating out of the Pecan Park home. They were met by a hail of gunfire, instead, as one of the suspects inside unleashed a barrage of bullets that wounded four officers, two critically.

“This is never one of the calls you want to get as a chief,” Police Chief Art Acevedo said outside Memorial Hermann Hospital hours later, while flanked by top police brass, Mayor Sylvester Turner and a host of other city officials. Two suspected drug dealers were killed in the incident by return fire from officers, Acevedo said, explaining a tip from a concerned neighbor led to the raid. The two killed by police were not identified.

A fifth officer injured his knee in the operation.

Late Monday, two of the officers remained in critical condition but stable while undergoing surgery . One is the 54-year-old case agent leading the investigation, the police chief said. Two others were in good condition, while the last officer — shot in the shoulder — had already been released from the hospital.

The chaos on the tree-lined Harding Street began about 5 p.m., Acevedo said, when a dozen narcotics officers backed by a squad of uniformed patrol officers descended on the Pecan Park home to serve the search warrant. Narcotics officers had developed a case against the dealers— suspected of selling black tar heroin after making several undercover buys, according to law enforcement sources.

As officers rammed through the door to serve the warrant, their colleagues in marked patrol cars sounded their sirens and turned on their lights. They were immediately shot at by at least one gunman inside, the chief said, detailing the firefight. “We have an officer down,” she yelled into her radio. “We need more ambulances, more ambulances.”

As news of the shooting spread, scores of police officers rushed to the neighborhood, to cordon off the area. A SWAT team also responded and used two robots to search the small wood-frame building.

The most senior of the narcotics squad — the case agent — has been shot twice previously in the line of duty since joining HPD in 1984, once in 1992 and again in 1997. During the 1992 incident, he took a bullet to the cheek.

“The thoughts and prayers of countless Texans are with the officers, their families, and the Houston Police Department,” he said. “May this tragic event serve as a reminder of the courage with which law enforcement officials serve each day.”

“We are sick and tired of dirt bags trying to take our lives when all we’re trying to do is protect this community and our families,” he said. “Enough is enough.”