I just got this email from my friend and great lawyer, Steve Hampton, who hears from inmates, their friends and families, every week. 

Sounds par for the course at Delaware D O C:

I understand they have another fairly large outbreak of Covid at Vaughn. All visiting has ceased. I still believe that it is the staff introducing the virus on a regular basis. They are still not mandated to get their shots, and “most say they will quit before submitting.” So they have DOC over the barrel, re: staffing.

I have also been informed that medical staffing is down to a skeleton crew of 30%. I don’t even see how meds are getting passed or Codes being responded to.

They had a mental health worker (which requires no education, talent or certification) who “watches the levels” (I, II,III) walk off. (that is considered abandonment and would have resulted in termination) They called her back offered her $45.00 an hour and she returned saying, “money talks”.

Stephen Hampton
Grady and Hampton LLC
6 N. Bradford St.
Dover, DE 19904