I was horrified the first time I heard about the Curtis Flowers case, years ago.  Tonight I am horrified again listening to the 60 Minutes broadcast again about that case.  It is a case about an innocent black man in Mississippi who was tried by a good ole boy, ignorant, racist prosecutor 6 times for murders he did not commit. He eventually was freed and exonerated only after a podcast by a team of reporters, who unmasked the prosecutor and unraveled his story.

In tonight’s broadcast the idiot prosecutor even made up two new stories, when, in fact, there is no mention of either in tens of thousands of pages transcripts from the trials and interviews!  He said “someone saw Curtis Flowers walk in the front door of the store on the day of the killings” and “Someone saw Curtis Flowers burning a pile of bloody clothes and sneakers … in that part of town over there near his home”.  THERE IS NO RECORD OF ANYONE SAYING ANYTHING LIKE THIS!

As a former prosecutor, I tell you again that there is nothing worse than a bad one, and this one should be executed!

Here is the 60 Minutes broadcast.  WATCH it; it is an eye-opening 15 minutes!

The U S Supreme Court said:

“Our review of the history of the prosecutor’s peremptory strikes in Flowers’ first four trials strongly support the conclusion that his use of peremptory strikes in Flowers’ sixth trial was motivated in substantial part by discriminatory intent,” Kavanaugh wrote.

“Stretching across Flowers’ first four trials, the State employed its peremptory strikes to remove as many black prospective jurors as possible. The State appeared to proceed as if Batson had never been decided.

“The State’s relentless, determined effort to rid the jury of black individuals strongly suggests that the State wanted to try Flowers before a jury with as few black jurors as possible, and ideally before an all-white jury.”