One of hundreds of poems I wrote in prison – usually first thing when I awoke, one would pop out, just to be sure my brain was still working after another day in isolation! 🙁    “Thank you, God, for my strong spirit!” 🙂 

Rise and Shine!

Rise and shine .. get going… there’s a ton of work to do!
For the criminal justice system has hundreds of people to screw,
And it will .. today … as sure as I sit in this chair,
With crazy sentences, or unjust convictions, causing much despair,
Even worse will be the prison abuse, causing some to pull out their hair,
When they file all the proper legal work, only to see that the judge doesn’t care,
Only to see that the judge will ignore the law, to make the case go away,
Oh, you better believe it is happening in our courts … every single day!
And, by God, when my book is done I shall proudly name names,
There are so many officials to rightly share the blame,
But for now I must focus on getting the job done,
Spreading vital information, and helping people one on one,
There is much more trauma and injustice in store today,
Hundreds will find incredible unfairness coming straight their way,
And the system’s so overloaded by the “war on drugs”, I know,
That even their lawyers will be struck by the system, but the client takes the blow,
It is all so manifestly unfair, in this land where we say “justice for all”,
So get up, get going, hold some wrongdoers accountable, right against the wall!
And, oh yes, today is the first day of Fall,
But, I assure you, you don’t notice it much, when unfairly in a 13’x8′ prison stall.
kra 9/22/14

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